Spiritist Concepts for Children
(Primarily for Ages 3 to 7)
Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges on July 1993


*A Note To Parents and Other Caregivers

As Spiritists, we know that God has entrusted us with a special mission to raise our children the best we are able, because we know that it is not by mere chance they have come to be within our care. Not only must we make sure they have food, shelter, and clothing, and lots of love and nurturing, there is also the important aspect of teaching them about their own spirituality, about God, and the purpose of life.

In order to accomplish this last aspect, if we are lucky enough to attend a Spiritist Center, which provides this instruction to assist us in our efforts in this area, we have help in providing the necessary spiritual knowledge to our children. If we do not have a Spiritist Center for our children to attend, the responsibility lies solely with us.

We must impart the knowledge of God and spiritual matters as early as the child can intellectually and emotionally comprehend them. You are the sole judge of what your child can handle.

This book is only a simple guide in starting the basics. One must still use daily situations in everyday life to consistently teach about spiritual matters. As a mother of three, a grand- mother of two, and an aunt of seven, (in ages ranging from 2 to 25 years old) and teaching what I call "Sunday School" to children, for a period spanning over twenty years, it was been fulfilling and astonishing to see the children grow in their spiritual awareness and knowledge and, how easily they comprehend the intricacies of the Spiritist Doctrine.  

Spiritists, if we neglect this aspect of our children’s education, if we consider ourselves true believers in the Spiritist Doctrine, it will have been to have failed in the most important aspect of  our mission as parents.

The Spiritist Doctrine contains the spiritual knowledge which can provide the spiritual sustenance our children will need to be able to weather the trials and tribulations of their life, AND, the ability to comprehend the true purpose of life.

It is our sacred and solemn duty to provide this information to them. If,  indeed, we have done our best to teach them, it will then be up to them to use this knowledge if they so choose, in following their own path in life. We, as their caretakers, will have fulfilled our obligations to them, and God.

Yvonne Limoges
The Spiritist Society of Florida