Spiritual Journey of The Soul

In The Beginning & The Final Goal of The Soul
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       In the beginning was the Creator, First Cause of All Things, Who created the spiritual and material worlds, and spirits. The Creator, Who is All Love and All Justice, determined that each spirit created, would have equal potential and capacity to learn, grow, and evolve to relative perfection. God gave each soul a wonderful gift called "freewill" so it could determine its own path on its soul journey (and receive the merits of its own efforts with regard to its spiritual progression) on the way to the final stage of its evolution as a purified soul.

But God also established Universal Laws and provided that souls had to learn to act and grow within the boundaries of them. Breaking these Laws creates disharmony, abiding by them provides for spiritual equilibrium and moral  progress.

God also wanted each soul to have help along its soul journey and this is accomplished through the assistance of superior spirits (those elder spirits who have already progressed much in intelligence and goodness). They guide, protect, and inspire those to whom they are assigned to, hoping it will help them make choices which provide for a more harmonious and progressive growth path.


The soul of a human being has had countless material existences and will continue to have them until the soul is completely purified. How many material existences a soul has, is determined by the soul itself; through the efforts it makes towards the goal of total purification. The spirit has its own freewill to make the choices which determine this.

Some souls work very hard towards this goal, others are slower in reaching it, but nevertheless, since the Law of Progress is a Universal Law, each and every soul will reach its goal and become a pure spirit, one of relative  perfection, where it will no longer have to enter material life nor suffer.

Pure spirits are those who have freed themselves from all materiality, can comprehend and are near to God, and act as His helpers and messengers in the Divine administration of Creation.