Spiritual Journey of The Soul

Life in the Spirit World
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       The spirit world, or where spirits live (without physical bodies), is the true home of all spirits (souls). The soul was created there and it returns there (after each material existence and then stays there upon its final purification).

While in the spirit world, each spirit goes to find others like itself. The good gravitate towards those who are good, and those with evil or malicious inclinations, gravitate to those who are like themselves.

Above all, the spirits who have already made tremendous intellectual, moral and spiritual progress, are in charge of all those inferior to themselves, and by the force of their will, they can control all of the other spirits. Everything is strictly controlled. Nothing happens without their permission nor without the final  permission of the Creator, Who has power above all creation, whether spiritual or material.

As spirits journey through each of their material existences and then return again to the spirit world, how they have spent their material life and their final physical and mental conditions at its end, can determine what condition they may find themselves upon their return.

Spirits generally need time to adjust back to life in the spirit world after their stay in the material world. This adjustment can be long or short depending on how aware or knowledgeable the spirit is regarding spiritual matters, how morally evolved it is, and there are other factors as well. Upon their arrival, some spirits need what they see as hospital care and medicine, some just need peaceful surroundings, and some are put temporarily into what we may call a long spiritual sleep for their own benefit. Material life is very difficult and the spirit may need much rest from it.

But, the perception of time for spirits is very different compared to perception of time in the material world. A spirit could have died many centuries ago in your time, but the spirit may feel it has only just arrived in the spirit world.  

Upon return to the spirit world, each spirit is received by their superior and loving spirit guides (sometimes called guardian angels), plus relatives and friends who care about them (from present and past lives) who have arrived before them. At times, the returning spirit, in its temporary confusion upon returning, cannot perceive these spirits who are watching over them. These caring spirits, help the returning spirit as they are able, according to their own moral, spiritual, and intellectual level. It is a homecoming for the spirit who has been away in the material world for a short time (compared to the eternal life of the soul) and has finally returned to its true home in the spirit world.