Spiritual Journey of The Soul

Learning in the Spirit World
(Page 4)

       Once the spirit has fairly recuperated and understands its current situation, it settles down to active life in the spirit world. This recuperation and transition takes whatever period of time is necessary for each spirit, depending on its intellectual, spiritual, and moral level; some spirits take a short time, others a very long time. When spirits are ready to be active, they get involved in many activities. One of these is they can start learning other things while they are in the spirit world which are very different than in the material world. Some of these topics are about personal conduct and responsibility, spiritual science, love, duty, faith, and whatever else they may need to further their moral progression.

When a spirit is ready, and at a certain level of advancement, it will learn what the purpose of their last material existence was, and whether they succeeded in advancing in it. They find out if they have become at least a little bit better now, then when they first arrived into their last material life. They find out if they have truly put into practice, on earth, the many valuable lessons they had learned from the choices they made from in their previous lives and study in the spirit world.

They also learn if they have passed whatever tests and atonements (expiation and reparation) that they needed to accomplish, for their proper development and to have advanced spiritually, intellectually, and morally. Since these spirits had voluntarily agreed to the types of tests and trials they would undergo (many which may have been terribly painful and horrible, physically and/or emotionally) they are ecstatic if they find their efforts have been a success.  

A spirit can learn many spiritual lessons in the spirit world, but it is only in the material world where they can be put into practice, in order to truly progress. A spirit can also mark time in its progress in an existence, but it cannot retrograde. The purpose of material life is to advance: intellectually, spiritually, and morally. The choices the spirit makes (its thoughts, words, and deeds) while in the material world determine whether it has indeed progressed. This is based on the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. But, the Creator is All Love and so the Law always takes into consideration any mitigating circumstances, the intent of the person is extremely important (more important at times than the act itself), the spiritís level of culpability (in other words, did it really know it was making a wrong and hurtful choice), and a lot depends on the current moral, spiritual, and intellectual level of each spirit. No matter what else, the Scales of the Divine Justice are Perfect, so there are no mistakes.

As spirits become more active, they may also learn by observing those in the material world. They travel with guides, in groups, small or large. Many are brought to centers where mediums work and they may be allowed to communicate through one.