Spiritual Journey of The Soul

The Return to Another Material Existence
(Page 5)

       When a spirit is ready, it decides (with the help of its superior spirit guides) that it is time to put into practice lessons that have been learned from prior lives and from its time spent in the spirit world, and return to a new material existence once again. The soul journey continues…

Parents, a family, a country, and a planet are chosen to present the best possible circumstances for the returning soul to succeed on its soul journey towards purification. The other spirits that will be accompanying it, and surrounding it, are many times the same ones they have known for eons in other times, in prior existences, in other relationships, and under other circumstances.

Once a body has been selected and the process of return has started (at the moment of conception to be completed upon delivery of an infant alive), during this period the spirit slowly enters a period of confusion and then a kind of sleep. After being born into the material world, the spirit throughout infancy, acclimates to its new home and surroundings (parents’ habits, social customs, etc.) while it is still pliable and easily influenced.

Parents’ (or other caregiver’s) mission in education of their children cannot be underestimated while these souls are in their care. This is the time to teach right conduct and correct wrong behavior; provide a healthy, loving, and nurturing environment; and, to provide as good a moral, social, and intellectual education as they are able.    

Between the ages of fifteen and twenty, upon average, as the youngster grows into young adulthood, its spirit starts to come into its own… to be revealed upon full adulthood. Character traits and inclinations which were not visible before, slowly or suddenly, come forth. Each spirit goes through this process at its own pace.

In addition, the spirit must deal with the physical aspects of its material body (with all its abilities and/or limitations) and the material environment of the particular planet that it is on. The spirit, nevertheless, is limited by the grossness of the material body from revealing its full capabilities. It is freer and more able to do so only in the spirit world.

The trials and tribulations a spirit runs into in the material world, were agreed to by the spirit itself with advice from its superior guides, and determined prior to its arrival as the most advantageous of circumstances for each spirit’s own particular intellectual, moral, and spiritual progress. The hardships of material life are lessons to be learned, in order for the spirit to develop and progress (if they are overcome with resignation and without rebellion), towards its final purification.