Spiritual Journey of The Soul

Lessons in the Material World
(Page 6)

       When a spirit is in the material world, as a human being here on earth, life can be very difficult. We forget why we have to go through such trials and tribulations and such sufferings, and we can become depressed and may lose faith.

But we must remember, God is All Love and All Justice and All Perfect, and the Divine Plan is Perfect.

Whatever happens to us in the material world, we have elected to undergo for our own betterment, and for the progression of our own soul. That is the purpose of material life and we must believe it in our hearts and in every fiber of our souls!

For if God is All Love and All Perfect, our sufferings must have a just and perfect purpose. Our spirit knew this before we were born on this earth, we just donít remember now.

But, what we can do, is put all our faith, with all our heart, in believing in Godís Perfect Plan for us. There is a reason for everything! God does not punish us, we have chosen to make our own path...along our own soulís journey. We know that undergoing our sufferings, bearing them without complaint, will allow us to arrive into the spirit world better off, than when we first entered material life. We will arrive within the spirit world, our true home, victorious into the Handís of God!

In addition, prayer is a powerful tool we can use to sustain us, in keeping on the correct course, through our soulís journey in the material life. Use it! Long prayers are not necessary. Empty words, memorized and said without feeling, do nothing! Always pray from your heart! Pray sincerely, pray honestly, and pray humbly!

Our physical mind and body may be in shambles upon the end of our material life, but the spirit will emerge from itÖ. morally cleansed, greatly sanctified, and more spiritually pure, then when we were in it! That is what is most important!