Spiritual Journey of The Soul

Faith, Hope , Charity & Love is the Way
(Page 7)

Always do good, and be good. That is CHARITY to yourself and others.

Always have FAITH, in yourself and in God - All Perfect.

Always have HOPE, because material sufferings help us learn, grow, and eventually transform us into superior souls, who will suffer nevermore!


Love is the greatest thing one can do. LOVE is GOD, GOD is ALL - LOVE.

Love God, Who loves you. The Creator allows you the freewill to pave your own soul journey through as many material existences as you need, to reach the final state of a purified soul.

The Creator provides guidance and the means, but we each must choose our own path. If we have chosen paths which are not harmonious with Godís Universal Laws, our soulís path will be rocky. If we have chosen paths harmonious with Godís Universal Laws, our paths will be more smooth. We choose.

But even then, when spirits have repented, expiated, and reparated their actions and non-actions, throughout their numerous material lives, they get to a point when they wish to strive even higher, in order to achieve final purification. These spirits are recognized for their great missions in helping others, sacrificing themselves through extreme voluntary sufferings, for the love of mankind. Examples of these spirits are the likes of Joan of Arc and Mohandas Gandhi. But there have been more.    

Finally, there is your most Elder Spiritual Brother Jesus, the supreme model of human moral conduct possible on this planet earth. He came to show all on your planet the Way to our Celestial Father, and that is through LOVE!

Poor mankind, your sufferings will cause you to grow and reach up to God!

You are not alone, all of Godís spirits must make the same soul journey!

Take heart and have faith!