I find it very interesting that most Spiritist websites have nothing in regards to mediumship. There is so
much misinformation regarding mediumship by others out there.... I believe it is high time Spiritists put out what
they believe regarding this sacred mission. Mediumship is a natural phenomena and one does not have to be a
Spiritist to have this faculty. When The Spiritist Society of Florida  went to give a lecture regarding Spiritism, at a
parapsychological institute in Florida, we met a lady whose daughter (after we heard the explanation of what was
happening to her) was showing signs that she was a medium. She was seeing spirits and getting messages. The
mother wanted to know what can her daughter do with this gift and what it is and what was the reason for it?  We
have an obligation as Spiritists to provide this information to as many people as we can. These people will be
picking up other books that are out there with so much misinformation. We had to address some of this
misinformation at our lecture.

       I feel sometimes as if many Spiritists groups feel like mediumship is a big secret, or they don't want people
to think they might be crazy, or that someone will read about mediumship and get obsessed. There are many
people in mental institutions who are obsessed and they don't know a thing about Spiritism. I worked twenty six
years for the United States government’s Social Security Administration taking applications and adjudicating
claims for survivor, retirement, and disability benefits. As a medium, I could tell some who only had spiritual

       Mediumship is part and parcel of Spiritism, an integral part of it; it is through mediumship… which proves
the spirit world. To deny it, is to deny Spiritism itself. We, Spiritists, must always have faith in God and not in
men. God and the superior spirits have strict control over those possessing spirits, and those who pursue
mediumship seriously and sincerely will be assisted. God never gives anyone a heavier load then they can handle.
Those who would abuse it, or use it for frivolous reasons, will be taken care of by their own spirit protectors, and
they will either get the scare of their life and stop, or, they will eventually lose interest when nothing happens,
because nothing occurs without the Will of God, Our Supreme Father. No spirit, can communicate or disturb
another, without His express permission and those superior spirits who assist Him and His Divine Plan.