†††        There are many mediums out there charging for their services and one of the main things that make
Spiritist mediums different from the rest is that those who truly follow the Spiritist Doctrine, never charge.

But, the basis on whether it is wrong or not, is determined by the intent of the person (for "our intent" is
wherein ALL our actions and/or in-actions are judged).

As for mediumship, Spiritists realize that it is a faculty for a sacred use which can be taken away at any time.
But, God looks at the mediumís intent. True Spiritists should be beyond this type of thing regarding charging for
mediumship services rendered because money compromises the situation and causes doubt. People expect results
for their payment.

Spiritist mediums do not guarantee anything, the spirit world is in control over what communications a person
receives. Mediums are only a tool for a Divine purpose. As Kardec says in The Mediums Book, see chapter
XXVIII , "mediumship is for a high and holy purpose."

Kardec also states, "The payment of mediums may therefore be condemned, absolved, or favored, according to
the motive and aim of each individual medium: the intention of the medium, rather than the material fact of
payment, furnishing the basis of our judgment."

Remember, mediumship has a Providential Purpose which is to teach mankind its true purpose and this
knowledge should be for everyone regardless of whether they can afford it or not. Many mediums, those who do
not follow the Spiritist Doctrine, charge out of ignorance, but all those mediums who do charge, and know in their
heart of hearts that it is wrong, will be sorry they used their gift for financial gain and will suffer the
consequences of their actions, either in this life or in future lives.

Those mediums who charge because they fear that they cannot make a living without charging for their services
as mediums do not fully put their faith in God to provide them the economic means to live, while they fulfill their
duties as mediums if using it for a Divine Purpose. God always helps those who do His Work.

Written by Yvonne Limoges
The Spiritist Society of Florida