Spiritual healings were major events in Jesusí mission, as well as in the apostles preaching. Today, we
know the basic mechanics of spiritual cures. These cures, called miracles in days past, are simply a part of natural
laws unknown to the ancients.

          Spiritual healing is accomplished when superior spirits who administer treatment to a patient manipulates
a mediumís energies. Spirit guides do the direct treatment. A ďhealing mediumĒ is a person whose physical make-
up is more suited as an instrument for this type of spiritual phenomena. Any medium can be used, but a healing
medium, due to their unique physical organization, makes the job easier for the spirits to accomplish their tasks.

           Healing by the laying on of hands, by passes, by mere touch, etc. is not just an interaction of mediunimic
fluids and spirit action. The medium directly influences the healing affect. Mediumship is sacred and should be
practiced with serious respect. Healing mediums especially, should have the purest sentiments, love of goodness,
an ardent feeling to alleviate the sufferings of others, and finally strong faith in God. One should have the
highest moral qualities. The healing medium should use the gift only for good, without self-interest, and not to
satisfy their own vanity or pride. If the medium purifies him or herself spiritually, their fluids are more pure
which will better attract the more superior spirits who can bring a more effective cure to the sick individual. All
medium phenomena is the result of a combination of fluids emitted by the medium and by the fluids brought by
the spirits from the spirit world. When these fluids are together, they have new properties that, while apart, they
would not have.

           The general overall good health of the medium is another important factor in the healing process. The
medium should strive for good health and practice proper nutrition. The instrument, the medium, should be
strong for use. In addition, prayer, which is an evocation, attracts the good spirits who will come to second the
efforts of the well-intentioned medium. The mediumís faculty works easily, with fluids from the good spirits,
meanwhile those mediums that do not spiritualize themselves, are at the mercy of the ignorant spirits who
surround them.

Also, fluid action can be further effective when the sick person has faith in the healing. God recompenses the
sick by their faith, with good outcomes. The patient, without realizing it, helps to attract the good spirits around
themselves creating a more positive fluidic environment conducive to the healing process. Long-term benefits
should not be expected or promised by mediums. Cure or improvement, depends as much on spiritual treatment
as on the patientís merits and attitudes. Every so often what one seeks, is not in oneís self interest. Therefore,
both mediums and patients should trust in Godís Wisdom for all outcomes. The Creator Knows what is best for us

 Even though a medium's mission adds to oneís responsibility, it offers the joy of the good spirits and helping
others, if one carries out the mission properly. In order to be confident in a craft, one should know the tools well.
One should have a thorough understanding of mediumship.                                                                                     

(The above is a summary of information on the topic of healing mediumship taken from The Spirits Book and The
Mediums Book by Allan Kardec.)

Yvonne Limoges