At a spirit session or séance, many spirits communicate, each at their own level of moral, spiritual, and
intellectual development. It is important to always remember that at these types of meetings superior spirits are
always in charge and oversee what spirits are allowed to communicate and/or come through. Sometimes, they
allow spirits to come through as tests and learning experiences for the mediums and/or attendees. Some spirits
find it easier to provide communications to a medium that “sees” visions (pictures or scenes which are symbolic)
by way of thought projection.

Some spirits who communicate are what may be called familiar spirits such as those who are friends and relatives,
from either our current or from past lifetimes. Some spirits who come are our spirit guides with advice for their

Some spirits have no relation with any of those in attendance but who have been brought to communicate for
different purposes. Some of these spirits have no other place to go to say what they need to say, which is a type of
catharsis for them, letting them vent. Some spirits are brought to communicate to provide moral instruction for
those in attendance. Their communications provide messages to the attendees with many lessons and hopefully
they are listened to carefully.

Many spirit messages provide clear, specific, and substantial proofs to those in the material world that those who
they knew are still “alive” but in another dimension called the spirit world, and that they still love us, and still
take an active interest in what is going on in our material lives.

Then there are the spirits who come to give messages to attendees who may have health problems. These spirits
through mediums, give “passes” (providing beneficial fluids with special qualities) and provide recommendations
for some attendees to go to their doctor. They can also identify spiritual problems and alleviate them as well; for
as we go about our daily lives we “pick up” negative fluids from those who may be about us and we may need a
spiritual cleansing.

The superior spirits bring some spirits, who communicate for help, to those in the material world. Those in the
material world who are trained to provide this function assist and delicately educate those spirits who may not be
fully aware of their newly found state (recently “deceased” and being now in the spirit world) and all other spirits
who may need different types of assistance.

Those spirits who are very morally superior communicate with humans infrequently but do so to educate, console,
and inspire us. They are a wonderful example of what we can one day become!

A spirit session is very informative for those who listen carefully, for it is a window into the next world that one-
day awaits all of us!   

             Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges