Spirit Science teaches us that spirits in the spirit world influence mankind daily, for we are all “mediums”
to a certain extent because these faculties are natural characteristics of our soul, but some persons have these
faculties more developed than others. In those with the more developed faculty of mediumship, this influence by
spirits is an important issue that needs to be satisfactorily addressed.

          When a medium is first starting out, whether in their initial steps of early development of their
mediumship faculties, or whether they have always had the mediumship faculty but have decided to now orientate
themselves for its use in the “Spiritist Practice,” both types of mediums are wide open to receive influences from
all sorts of spirits. Some spirits will tell the mediums anything and/or appear and say they are anyone and/or will
tell them or show them things that are NOT TRUE.

           This is a time of testing for the medium, when they can practice in using their good judgment and reason,
to discern what spirit messages are necessarily unreasonable and/or outright wrong versus a spirit message that
sounds reasonable and may be considered. JUST BECAUSE A MEDIUM RECEIVES A SPIRIT MESSAGE OR
statement enough.

           The goal of a good medium under the “Spiritist Practice” is to receive coherent and clear spirit messages
and visions that are useful and instructive (morally and spiritually) for them, and for others in service. They also
must be able to discern the spirits of the familiar type, like those of relatives and friends who are now in the
spirit world and wish to communicate. They must try and learn to discern from their feelings when a spirit
approaches whether it has a good intent or a malicious intent.

           The medium must learn to weed out nonsensical messages from spirits who just want to have fun, amuse,
trick, confuse, or scare them. Serious trouble can come from those spirits who give themselves the names of
famous or important people from the past, those who claim that the medium should only listen to them, and those
spirits who want the medium to go off on their own and that they do not need anyone to help them in their
mediumship. Fascination and obsession of mediums by spirits is real!

           Mediums need to “work” in a trusting and loving environment with a sincere and serious intent, hold
their faculty of mediumship as a sacred trust, conduct themselves (in their personal lives as best they can) with
proper moral behavior and spiritualize themselves by ridding themselves of impure thoughts and discarding any
material vices they may have. “Like attracts like” and as the medium is, so are the spirits around them.

           Reading and studying the principles of spirit science, conscientious hard work, and consistent practice
with more experienced mediums, and prayer, can help develop a novice medium into a useful instrument meriting
protection by the good spirits.   

Written by Yvonne Limoges