Mediumship is the precious opportunity to put into realization an act of Divine Love and one of Supreme

          Your eyes cry needed tears for those who no longer have material ones. Your tears erase, a little at a
time, through repentance, the past wrongdoings of a spirit. Through your mediumship you relate life stories that
liberate those who would like to clear their consciences and relieve themselves of rancor, remorse, and unlimited

          Do not resist the use of your mediumship faculties to those in the spirit world who would grieve and cry.
Those spirits need you and your faculties to obtain a spiritual equilibrium that allows them the blessed
opportunity for spiritual progress.  

Endure with love the sufferings, both moral and physical, which is a natural part of this interchange based on
love. You receive but simple and temporary grief, but for the spirits, there is a chain of perpetual sorrow. So,
fortify yourselves through prayer and never refuse them.

Your spirit guides are always present to protect and assist you in such a delicate and extraordinary task, having
complete confidence in you and your capacity for this sacred work.

This is my entreaty for you to persist in the continuation of your efforts.  

Spirit communication received by a mediumís spirit guide

(This message was translated by Y. Limoges -with some changes to make it easier for an American reader - from
Spanish into English out of the Spiritist Union  newsletter from Puerto Rico.)

The Spiritist Society of Florida