Spiritual Scientific Research

As the telescope opened up the skies to reveal that our planet is but a speck  in an infinite universe, and, the microscope revealed the myriad of creatures hitherto invisible to us, so mediumship, through reason, study, and  experimentation will assist mankind to ascertain and prove our own true natures. Mainstream science is seriously studying what has been called "psychic phenomena", and, what traditional religions want us to believe solely by faith, will be eventually proven to the general population to exist by proofs.  

Scientists are currently studying among other things: telepathy, the power of prayer, religious healing, the affects of religious belief on health, the abilities of people who call themselves mediums, and, they are obtaining amazing results. These scientists may not know yet how to interpret the data retrieved but, this will come in time as more evidence is accumulated.

As the theory of evolution has been generally accepted to be true, by rational and educated people, eventually the existence of the soul and its natural properties will also become a scientific fact, based on the preponderance of evidence obtained via serious spiritual scientific research.

There is a material world and a spiritual world, and we are part material and part spiritual; both these aspects must be studied in order to have a more complete understanding of the natural laws that govern the universe. Mankind and its science has now advanced in the scientific method and in technology, to the extent wherein study of the spiritual part of our natures and the spirit world, and its interaction with the material world, can be better accomplished without attributing these natural phenomena, subject to natural laws, to superstition and religious fanaticism. Most major traditional religions already accept the existence of the soul and its immortality, but people nowadays want to accept these things through reason not only by faith. The conclusion that spirits and a spiritual world truly exists, and further, that reincarnation provides for spiritual progression and is one of the natural laws of the universe, will definitely have a profound affect on many sciences, as well as philosophy and religion.  

Yvonne Limoges


(Genesis, Chapter IV, item 17,  by Allan Kardec)