The definitive book for the instruction and practice of mediumship has been, and still is, The Mediums Book by Allan Kardec, published in 1861. It has been used by Spiritists and Spiritualists for over one hundred and thirty years. It has even been used in these modern times, by one of the most popular and serious spiritual mediums in America today, James van Praagh, who listed it in the bibliography of his 1999 book,  Reaching to Heaven.  But while the book by Kardec is well investigated and researched, profound and insightful, it is unfortunately very difficult for many today to read. If one has the ability of mediumship and would like to educate themselves, what does one do? One would try to read and study the book, while attending a serious Spiritist Center for orientation, education, and practical application.  
But, for those who may have the mediumship faculty but have no access to a Spiritist Center? One may start one. This is what my father, Edgar Crespo, and I did. He  attended and trained as a medium at a Spiritist Center in New York City, but when we moved to Florida, there were no Spiritist Centers in our town. Initially, we decided to open our spirit communication sessions to only close family and friends at our home. But later, through word of mouth, more and more people started attending. We now currently rent space at a Spiritualist church and hold our meetings there. We train our own mediums and we just celebrated the 20th Anniversary of our Center.  

If one must start one’s own center, the majority of books and “courses” out there on mediumship, are rather dubious, confusing, and some are just plain silly….definitely inadequate. Many of these sources make ridiculous promises of making one a medium after payment of sometimes, very large fees. I do not recommend them.  

So, it is because of the lack of the availability of Spiritist Mediumship Education Information that this section on mediumship is being developed. The majority of the information on it will be from Allan Kardec’s books, but in an easier to read format. This information is needed to counteract the erroneous information that is currently on-line on numerous websites regarding “channeling” and related mediumship matters. In our opinion, this website does not devalue nor debase the seriousness of the subject matter, but on the contrary, hopes to advise those who would attempt spirit communication, to go into it with a most serious intent and study, and to quote Kardec, it is for those “who recognize the serious nature of the subject, who comprehend its great importance, and who do not make a sport of holding intercourse with the invisible world.” (The Mediums Book, Translator's Preface)  In addition, we would like quote Kardec’s English translator Anna Blackwell, when she states, “The aim of the open intercourse which is now being established between spirits and men…” is “the moral improvement of the human race, which it will accomplish through the new light it will throw on the nature and purpose of human life.” (The Mediums Book, Introduction). We hope you will find this section very informative and enlightening.

Yvonne Limoges