So many “New Age" schools have popped up, that for a fee, one can receive instruction on becoming a medium (i.e. spiritual healer, channeler, psychic, etc.). What has Spiritism to say on this matter?Spiritism says that each person is already a so-called "psychic or medium", or one who can be said to have what many call the “sixth sense.” This faculty is natural part of our spirit which is, more or less, in tune with receiving impressions from the spirit world. Some people are more open to these impressions than others. Now, if we put our special attentions to further opening up this faculty, yes, we may be able to amplify its reception.

But... let me say this, if it is not meant for a person to be able to receive these more direct and obvious spirit communications or impressions, for whatever reason, then no matter how much a person can try and be "a medium", it is not going to happen. Everything is subject to the laws of cause and effect, and, the Will of the Creator, so in this life we may not be able to have this faculty opened.

As for a person who is set upon wanting to open up their mediumship faculties, they should seriously and sincerely examine the reason they would want to do this. This faculty can be dangerous to the novice, in that, one exposes oneself to errant spirits (those earth bound and troubled souls) and their sometimes potentially harmful influences. If one is not attending a good Spiritist Center which provides good mediumship education, there is danger the medium could be the subject of spirit fascination and worse, possibly obsession.

The books of Allan Kardec provide information in the instruction and the proper guidelines for mediumship. It emphasizes moral rectitude on the part of the medium and accepts that mediumship is a special gift, rather more for the moral improvement of the medium (than for transmitting messages to others). In addition, mediums provide a sacred service which should be done freely, without compensation. This gift is by virtue of the Will of God, and can be taken away as swiftly as it has been given.

Nevertheless, mediums at a Spiritist Centers provide a wonderful and fulfilling service by allowing troubled spirits access to our material world, so they can provide assistance to them in helping them understand their condition in the spirit world. They also act as instruments for communication from the spirit world for proof of life after physical death and some consolation for those here left behind. There are also mediums for healing. In addition, spirit guides inspire and guide us with their beneficial communications.  

Do you still want to be a medium? Are you ready for the responsibilities that come with it?

Yvonne Limoges