1- There is a good and Divine reason you are a medium.
   A) first, to help yourself morally and spiritually
   B) secondly, to help others

2 - A medium needs tools.
   A)  education through reading and study  
   B)  instruction at classes
   C)  observation of, and assistance by, experienced mediums if available

3 - Mediums need a place to provide service.
    A) a place where there is spiritual harmony and the aim moral education  
    B) services to be offered freely without charge

4- Actions that a medium should take to use and function appropriately:
   A) consistency in practice of your mediumship (i.e. regular attendance at meetings)
   B) consistency in prayer to superior spirit guides
   C) proper moral conduct as much as one is able
   D) learning to close ones mind in regards to the spirit world when not at meetings.
   E) acknowledgment that mediumship is a sacred trust and a mission

5- Failure to adhere to proper guidelines could result in harm to the medium.
   A) one could become influenced by inferior and ignorant spirits
   B) mediumship gift could be withdrawn entirely
   C) the medium could become fascinated, or worse obsessed, by inferior ignorant spirits

"Good intentions, and the renunciation of selfishness and pride" are "the best conditions for ensuring the correct transmission of the communications of superior spirits"  from  The Mediums Book, Chapter XX, item 11, by Kardec.