Points to Ponder
- doubts in ones' gift, feelings of inadequacy, feelings of not being worthy
- problems with inferior spirits
- not sure whether one wants the responsibility

Note: Inferior spirits and those who are the enemies of Spiritism (these types of spirits do not want our moral betterment, and, there are spirits who do not want knowledge of the spirit world to get out to those in the material world). These spirits do not want us to use our mediumship, nor be involved in transmitting our messages or teachings to help others. They will try and stop mediums through thought suggestion. They will provide a million excuses why one should not become a medium, or attend a Spiritist meeting. Be prepared for this.  

Help to overcome these obstacles
- Prayer and prayer and more prayer for assistance from our spirit guides
- Consistency of attending meetings no matter what
- Controlling our minds from negative thoughts that would interfere in us, attending meetings and using our mediumship

We receive great spiritual merit in making the decision to use our mediumship.

If indeed we have the faculty of mediumship, it is not a coincidence that we have this ability and have access to a place where we can use it to help others. It is an opportunity for great spiritual advancement that we most probably asked for when we were in the spirit world, before our incarnation. Whether we take advantage of it, is up to us now.

"Let me speak to you of the resolution and perseverance with which you should follow up your Spiritist labors... your efforts will at length be crowned with success, and will have won for you great triumph in the life to come, besides the happiness you will feel in remembering that you have aided in opening a fountain of consolation for all who, upon the earth, have lost friends and relatives, and who thus may communicate with them. Go boldly forward; accomplish the mission appointed you, and great will be your reward upon your return to the spirit world." (an excerpt from communication from a spirit named "Channing" from The Mediums Book, Chapter XXXI, communication numbered VIII, by Kardec).