A person who has found out that they may be developing their mediumship should start a period of work and preparation in order to fulfill to their potential the type mediumship to which they may be headed.The goal of mediumship is to provide service: for oneself, and others.While a medium is practicing in obtaining spirit communications, at the same time, the medium should be reading and studying the Spiritist Doctrine.

Three aspects are important:

Science - learn and understand the mechanics of spirit communications.

Spiritual - continuous contact with ones' spirit guides through prayer, and, trying to purity oneself as much as one can.

Philosophical - gaining confidence and knowledge of Life's Purpose in order to encourage others.

The evolving medium begins with dedication, continues with education, and grows stronger through practice. Finally, there is full participation at spirit sessions with confidence and knowledge.But, full working mediums should always persist in continuous spiritual vigilance and self-improvement. This is to maintain spiritual balance and improved rapport with spirits of as high a moral plane as possible.Excerpts of information taken from Edgard Armond‘s book [Summary of information from chapters 20, 21, and 30] Mediumship and translated into English by Yvonne Limoges.

Note: mediumship can be very difficult at times, because mediums pick up vibrations from others and this affects them as they are more sensitive. So they must be aware of where they go and who they are with. But, how beautiful and inspiring to actually be in communication with ones' guardian angel and spirit guides and to hear from them directly how much they love us and look out  for us.