Practicing mediumship according to the principles of Spiritism provides that it is a sacred faculty and should be solemnly practiced without the charging of any kind. A medium is a tool to be used for spirit communication. It has a divine purpose of revealing to mankind Universal Spiritual and Moral Laws; instructing mankind regarding the true purpose of existence and the reason why mankind needs to progress and evolve.  Mediumship is the faculty that acts as the doorway between the two worlds, the material and spiritual.

This site is not for those looking to do fortune telling, tarot cards, to make spirits appear, or other such activities. The articles that we are providing are for those who have the most sincere desire to make communication with the spirit world in a most sacred and serious manner, opening and closing each session in the name of the Creator, and whose main purpose is to seek moral and spiritual lessons and practices, for themselves and others.

Just as the practice of medium should be free without charging of any kind, so should “the education of mediums” be as well, and it is to this end we provide this information. Mediumship is a natural quality in inherent in all human beings on this planet, in one degree or another; and it is part of our natural heritage as spiritual beings.

We follow the recommendations as set down by Professor Allan Kardec in the books he published: The Spirits Book, The Mediums Book, Practical Instructions for Spirit Manifestations, The Gospel According to Spiritism, and the Trip of 1862. The information in these books has been verified and corroborated, by Kardec and his scientific society, as well as by Spiritist Centers all over the world, through its practical application for over 150 years.