The Universal Control of the Spirits

 The information contained in what we call the Spiritist Doctrine or Spiritism was not the invention of any human being but teachings communicated to humans by spirits from the spirit world. Although humans who were mediums were used as instruments to transmit these teachings, the same information was consistently transmitted through different mediums unknown to each other and at different times and in different places. What Allan Kardec did, using his scientific reasoning, was compile the information that was logical, consistent, and corroborated by more then one spirit communication, in order to finally publish the books he did.

Spirits have been communicating with mankind since its existence but more intelligent spirit teachings and messages have now been allowed as mankind has advanced in science and progressed to a certain level of intelligence and morality and where superstition would have no place.

As we evolve on this planet we will continue to receive spirit communications teaching us many new things… but only when we are ready to receive them.

The guarantee that what they teach us, after first using our reason to decide if the information makes sense, is if the same new idea or teaching is spontaneously received by a large number of mediums who do not know each other and are located in different places.

The spirit world has worked (and continues to do so) in unison under a Divine Plan according to the law of progress to help propel mankind to evolve to higher levels of understanding regarding its true nature and purpose on this planet and in the universe.