Plurality of Worlds

 Our current technology has discovered that there are more planets in the universe then our own earth and in our own solar system. This information was already transmitted to us by the spirit world in the 1850ís. The spirits also tell us that there is intelligent life on other worlds as well (although we have yet to discover this).

This plurality of inhabited worlds fits in with reincarnation because as beings evolve, so does the population of the planet. Those beings too stubborn to change their ways and who try to impede the law of progress will be sent to more inferior worlds more in keeping with their backwardness. Those who progress faster then the population of a world can be sent to more morally advanced and peaceful worlds.

The spirits have taught us that although beings evolve unevenly on a particular planet as a whole it can be said that generally there are five basic categories of planets. They are: the primitive worlds, the worlds of tests and atonements, the regenerating worlds, the blessed worlds, and the celestial worlds. The populations of all the worlds evolve changing themselves each time into a world of a higher intellectual, moral, and spiritual level.

Our earth has already transformed from a primitive world to one that is currently a world of tests and atonements. We can see that based on our current state of affairs (where misery, evil, and violence abound) we have a long way to go in this progression before our transformation into a world of regeneration where the majority of the spirits will be striving to be good and where evil will not predominate.

In general, an individual spirit incarnates into a world where it advances through all phases of progress that it can on a particular world. It passes on to morally higher worlds to evolve further until it has reached its goal as a purified spirit. A spirit is rewarded for its progress by ascendance to better worlds. Persistence in wrongdoing and/or continued indulgence in materiality and wanton sensuality in all aspects cause it to prolong its stay in the unhappy worlds of tests and atonements. It takes constant efforts towards our own moral improvement to incarnate into the spiritually higher worlds. But, sooner or later, we will all become residents in those celestial worlds; such is the law of progress.