The ideas here expressed have been transmitted by the spirit world throughout the ages, at different times in different ways and in different places, presented in ways that the various peoples may understand them. The worlds’ religions and philosophies contain many moral and spiritual truths. But, humans being imperfect have many times distorted or misinterpreted these messages and added their own imperfect ideas.

The time has come when the spirit world can communicate more fully, clearly, and completely all over the world.

For those who find other doctrines, religions, or beliefs lacking, you may possibly quench your thirst for spiritual and moral truths in knowledge of Spiritism.

Spiritism teaches us who we are, where we come from, how we should conduct ourselves, what the purpose of suffering and material life is, and what our final goal should be. It teaches us that there is a Divine Plan, that we are looked after by morally good and superior beings who care very much for us, what we call “death” is only a necessary change with nothing to fear, and what appears to be chaos in the world is only the effects of evolutionary changes which are temporary and transitory compared to the big scheme of things in the universe. Material life may be extremely difficult at times but it seems to me nothing good is ever attained easily.

The law of progress dictates all will change in our world for the better and we will be the ones to accomplish it, so we can receive the fruits of our own labors. Isn’t that hopeful and satisfying?

I thank the Creator and the superior spirits who watch over us!

Yvonne Limoges
The Spiritist Society of Florida