The Creator - First Cause and Creator of all things

- The Creator is First Cause and Creator of All Things.

- What we call the Supreme Intelligence, the Creator, or God is not completely knowable by us at our current level of spiritual, moral, and intellectual development. (Spiritists do not believe in an anthropomorphic or pantheistic God)

- The Creator’s Supreme Will is All Powerful. The Creator is Eternal, Unique, Totally Perfect, and All Love.

- The Creator Knows All things: past, present, and future, and from the smallest to the greatest of things.

- The Creator is Supremely Just and Good.

- The Creator’s Works can be seen in the harmonious order and beauty of Creation. The Power and Wisdom of the Creator is manifested in Creation.

- The Supreme Intelligence Created Universal Laws to govern the Cosmos. But in addition, nothing is allowed to occur unless it is permitted by the Supreme Intelligence; for the Supreme Will continues to exert influence upon all planes of existence. (It would be illogical to assume that the Creator would cease to be active after creating the Cosmos)

- The Creator created the spirit world, the material world, and the universal fluid (this last one permeates and acts as an intermediary between the two worlds).

- The Creator Created spirits (or souls) that are the intelligent principles of the Cosmos. “They were created in a state of simplicity, ignorance, and with freewill so as to receive the merit of their own deeds. They were given a mission, with the view to enlighten themselves and gradually arrive at relative perfection by gaining knowledge of the truth that would bring them closer to knowing the Creator. This relative perfection is a condition of eternal happiness for them. All spirits eventually come to this state.” (from Kardec’s The Spirits Book - Second Book Chapter I)

- Purifying ourselves of all materiality and practicing unconditional Love in its purest form is how we can eventually reach closer to comprehension of the Creator.

- It can be said that the Omnipotent Creator Demonstrates Unconditional Love, Beneficence, and Solicitude towards us that can be seen and expressed, through and from, the morally superior spirit messengers, who are sent to assist, protect, inspire, and communicate with us to further our spiritual and moral progression.