The Universal Fluid

- It permeates all of Creation and is the most primitive substance in the Cosmos. It has special properties of which we cannot understand or know at this time.

- It is the intermediary between spirit and matter.

- It is fluidic and is subject to innumerable combinations with matter, which together give it properties of which apart from it, it would not have.

- In our present state of existence we can only feel and see some of the variations of the universal fluid, an example being electricity.

- It is the vehicle upon which thoughts and feelings can be carried (examples: telepathy, telekinesis, and prayer).

- It is the vehicle that allows for spirits to communicate between themselves in the spirit world and, allows them to communicate with humans, in the material world, and vice versa.

- The universal fluid is also involved as a force in facilitating spiritual healing (the “laying on hands,” magnetic passes, and the like).

- Those persons who have strong faith (and with the force of their will power and strong desire) when directed towards acts of goodness, unconsciously use the universal fluid to perform what many would call miracles but, are nothing more then the exercise of a natural phenomena.

- What Spiritism calls the vital principle (which allows things to become what we would call “alive” and have action and movement) originates from the universal fluid. The amount of vital principle in an organic being varies. This fluid can be transmitted from one individual to another through the force of a being’s will. Some may be more able to do this then others. Upon the physical death of an organic being, the vital fluid returns to its original source, the universal fluid. (Note: the vital principle is not the spirit, or soul.)