The Perispirit Envelope of the Soul

- The perispirit is the semi-material envelope of the spirit (even when it is in the spirit world) and it is this intermediate nature that enables the spirit and the body to act upon each other when it is incarnated in the material world. The perispirit is drawn from the universal fluid.

- The perispirit unites the spirit with the physical body when the spirit is incarnated in the material world; the spirit has two envelopes then, the perispirit and the physical body when incarnated.

- The spirit with its perispirit can radiate out beyond its physical body.

- When a spirit in incarnating into the material world, its spirit with its perispirit, attaches itself at the moment of human conception in a process that is complete upon a live birth.

- The perispirit disperses throughout the physical body and, upon physical death it removes itself, fast or slow, depending on the circumstances of death and the moral and spiritual elevation of the spirit involved.

- The physical body, the perispirit, and the soul (or spirit) are all considered what we call “matter” but all are at different stages of evolutionary development. The physical body, of course, is of a more gross and solid nature in caparison to the perispirit and spirit that are both more ethereal and fluidic. All three evolve into a more refined state, as the spirit evolves intellectually, morally, and spiritually.

- Spirits from the spirit world, through the force of their will, can (utilizing their perispirit) assume many different appearances (good and bad) to those in the spirit and material world. In the material world, spirits can use it to make sounds, make things move, and can make themselves visible and tangible to our touch.

- The vital principle (taken from the universal fluid) under the action of a spirit can give artificial and momentary life to inert objects. Inferior spirits generally do not know how they really do this; they just do it through a force of their will.

- Many people in the material world, especially mediums, can “read” or pick up a person’s thoughts, feelings, desires, and more, off of the perispirit of other individuals. Their own spirit is what “sees” or “feels” these things. This can be called “soul sight.” When mediums, and others, see visions, they are generally seeing these things with their spirit not their material eyes. Superior spirits oversee what is allowed to be “seen” or “picked up” by mediums and/or any spirits.

- What people call auras, chakras, and the like are manifestations of the perispirit and/or the vital principle. The exact nature of the perispirit is not known at this time but its effects have been studied by Spiritists over 120 years.

- People can feel the effects of the perispirit fluids of other persons, whether in the material world or the spirit world. A person can meet some one for the first time and “feel” like they don’t like them without any reason to base this on. What is happening is that the person with its own spirit, is “feeling” the effects of that other person’s perispirit who may not be very nice. At other times, we may feel good around someone because that is the type of perispirit fluids they have around if they are generally a nice person.

- Mediums in the material world (people who can see, hear, and communicate in more direct ways with spirits in the spirit world), in general, are much more sensitive to the perispirit fluids of others. Fluids of disturbed or malevolent spirits (whether in the spirit world or incarnated in the material world) can cause them to become “physically” ill and even feel physical pain, depending on the moral nature of the fluids. Mediums should be very careful of their environment and whom they frequent with (review “medium education” section on this same web site).

- The fluids of the perispirit of a medium and those perispirit fluids of spirits in the spirit world, in conjunction with the universal fluid, are used in the process of spirit communications, spiritual healings, and in spirit materializations as well.

- Our spirits (with our perispirit) have qualities of which not all can be manifested in the material world. It is only when spirits are in the spirit world where this can be accomplished.