The Law of Cause and Effect

- Spirits (in their evolutionary process) start and end at the same place. In this regard we are all equals before the Creator. A spirit’s goal is to progress ever towards relative perfection, devoid of all materiality and towards superior morality and intellect. It accomplishes this through reincarnation (soul evolution), through successive incarnations in material worlds. It is only in the material world that a spirit can put into practice, through trials and tests, its good intentions and evolve to its final purified state. It cannot accomplish this after one material existence and then continue evolving solely living in the spirit world.

- A purified spirit no longer suffers or must undergo reincarnations. They assist in the Divine order and harmony of the Cosmos and are the messengers of the Creator in the exercise of the Supreme Will.

- Happiness belongs exclusively to a state of relative perfection; this is the state of a spirit’s complete purification. Every imperfection is a source of suffering and the deprivation of enjoyment.

- The acquiring of knowledge and of goodness brings with it an increase of enjoyment and diminishes the sources of suffering.

- Every imperfection of the spirit produces its own inevitable consequences of suffering. Every good quality of the spirit produces, by virtue of the same law, its own natural and certain fulfillment of happiness. This is the Law of Cause and Effect.

- Therefore, the amount of a spirit’s suffering is exactly proportioned to the degree of its imperfection, and, the amount of a spirit’s happiness is exactly proportioned to the degree of its intellectual and moral advancement.

- Each spirit, through the force of its will and the effort it makes, has the power to acquire the good qualities it lacks and rid it of the bad traits it has.

- Each spirit receives the merits or suffers the consequences of all their deeds but the path to redemption and total purification is open to all.

- We (spirits) find our own unhappiness (our “Hell”) or happiness (our “Heaven”) wherever we may be, whether in the material world or the spirit world.

- The good or wrongdoing that we commit is the result of the good or bad qualities that our spirits possess. Not to do all the good which we have the power to do is also the result of an imperfection on our part. Consequently, since every imperfection is a source of unhappiness, we suffer not only for all the wrongdoing we commit, but also for any good we could have done but did not do.