The Science of Prayer

- Prayer is an invocation by our thought to the Creator or to others (whether in the material or spirit worlds). Prayer can be to ask for forgiveness, to ask for blessings, to give thanks, to ask for healing, to plead for help, for mercy, for indulgence, for assistance to correct a fault, and for glorification.

- Prayer is transmitted by the force of our will carried by the Universal Fluid to the recipient. It is an action that has an actual and determined effect. The more pure and sincere the sentiments, the stronger the potency of the prayer. Good people’s prayers have more affect then those who are not so good.

- Good spirits that want to compensate the efforts of those who sincerely pray can second their prayer by a force of their own will.

- Through prayer we can receive the assistance from the good spirits if it is in accordance with the Supreme Will and universal laws.

- Prayers can cause change and can work in unison with universal laws such as those of cause and effect. Many times prayers are answered in such a manner that they may seem to us an effect of chance or received out of the ordinary course of things.

- Some of our prayers may be answered (and some things may never have occurred had we not prayed) and some prayers are not answered if it is not in our own best interests for the progression of our spirits or would cause a bad outcome in the future unknown to us.

- Sincere and heartfelt prayer (not those by rote or mechanically said) can provide us with the spiritual assistance we need to have patience, courage, and resignation to support Life’s trials and tribulations. Prayer is nourishment for the soul.

- Prayer makes it easier for us to undergo our trials because the good spirits, to reward our humble efforts in praying for help, bathe us with their beneficial spiritual fluids from the spirit world that can calm us and make us feel more tranquil.

- Prayer can also inspire (by suggestions from the good spirits) good ideas we may need to resolve our problems.

- Prayer is very important and should be practiced sincerely every day. It can be done at any time and anywhere. It can be short or long, the most important thing is that it done with humility and is sincere and heartfelt.