The Law of Reincarnation

- The aim of reincarnation is the progressive improvement of spirits (and with it mankind).

- The spirit, in purifying itself, undergoes a transformation, but in order to effectuate this transformation, it needs the trial of material life. In each new existence, the spirit takes a step forward in its evolutionary progress and when it has stripped itself of all of its impurities, it has no further need of the trials of material life. It enters the state of happiness as a purified spirit.

- Reincarnation, in keeping with the Supreme Justice of the Creator, is the only process that can explain the apparent inequities of life. We suffer wherein we have committed wrongdoing. Our freewill in this life determines our future life and our present situation is the result of our past life. We also cannot learn or experience everything we need to evolve to the state of a purified spirit in only one lifetime.

- Reincarnation explains why there are geniuses and prodigies. It also explains why all the peoples of the earth are at different levels of intelligence and morality.

- The doctrine of Heaven and Hell goes against reason and the Perfect Justice of the Supreme Intelligence. Why should those who were not that good go to “Heaven”? How can the justice of a God be reconciled with a doctrine that would condemn wrongdoers eternally to “Hell” without hope of redemption? We forgive our own children, would not the Creator Forgive us Infinitely and Give us the means to improve and redeem ourselves no matter how long it took?

- Reincarnation is one of Hope - for the doors of redemption are never closed and we alone determine through our own conduct how many lifetimes we must fulfill. The amount of personal responsibility involved in this process is too much for many to accept or handle. Nevertheless, reincarnation is a universal law. Other religious beliefs seem to provide an easy pathway to God yet still do not answer the question, “Why does a good person suffer?” Only reincarnation can answer this, for we do not know what faults or crimes that “good person” may have had or committed in a past lifetime for which now they may be atoning for, by their own choosing, in order to spiritually and morally progress.

- The inequitable situations seemingly good people find themselves in exist only in appearances as they are considered only from the perspective of the present lifetime.

- If we agree that the Creator is Infinitely Just, all suffering must have a just cause. The Creator does not punish, we do it to ourselves through the law of cause and effect.

- Suffering can be from the immediate and obvious actions we have committed in this lifetime.

- Suffering can be from the effects of wrongdoing we have committed in past lifetimes. It is this last type that confuses many because we see people suffer seemingly for no reason (example: those with terrible diseases, born with deformities, those with mental and emotional disorders, those born in horribly poor or violent circumstances, etc.).

- It is only through the plurality of existences that we can see the Supreme Justice of the Creator and can explain the apparent inequities of the distribution of happiness and unhappiness upon the earth.

- All suffering does not necessarily mean a person has a certain fault or is expiating a wrongdoing. Sometimes a spirit has requested a trial in material life with a particular suffering for further purification of its soul. They elected the trial for further moral and spiritual advancement.

- In addition, many spirits ask for difficult missions, small and/or great, for which they will be properly compensated if they carry it out successfully.

- In order to obtain merit for any trials and tribulations we undergo and progress, we must suffer them with calm resignation as much as possible, praying to our spirit guides and the Creator for moral and spiritual strength to support whatever we may be going through. Otherwise, we will have to repeat the lesson all over again in another lifetime.

- Those spirits that keep repeating the same trials and are very stubborn and continue to persist in wrongdoing can reincarnate in even worse conditions then the lifetime they were previously in, in order to correct their defects or expiate their wrongdoings.

- Material life may be compared as somewhat similar to a school were we learn lessons and past tests at each grade level. We never retrograde but we can mark time in the same grade and repeat the same lesson over and over until we finally get it right. Some spirits work faster at this then others. We all have our freewill to do, or not to do, good or bad, and can only blame ourselves for our actions or inactions.