Spiritual and Moral Laws Introduction

This section attempts to explain the science regarding the Spiritual Forces in the Cosmos (although we do not pretend it is complete). Forces that traditional religions and conventional science has yet to accept, has either misconstrued, and/or not completely understood. Traditional religions consider many of these phenomena as supernatural or miracles, and, conventional science (since it finds it difficult to study spirits who have freewill who will cooperate or not) holds the general opinion they do not exist and consider them either a figment of our imaginations or are hallucinations due to chemical reactions in our brain. But, Spiritists know they are factual by way of our reason, through diligent study, and over 120 years of practical experience regarding these phenomena. Many people in the world who don’t know about “Spiritism” have an inner intuition about these moral and spiritual laws because they are universal in nature and their own spirit is aware and has knowledge of them.

This section discusses the effects of: 1) the Creator (the Supreme Intelligence and First Cause of all things in the Cosmos, without which nothing would exist or occur); 2) spirits and some of their qualities; 3) the spirit world; and, 4) the interaction of these upon us in the material world. New words are used to explain some of these ideas and phenomena, they are introduced to you, and Spiritists continue to use these terminologies. Kardec stated, “the fundamental principle of Spiritism is the relation of the material world with spirits.” There is no other science that currently exists for this specific purpose. This science has religious and philosophical implications as well. What currently comprises the Spiritist Doctrine for Spiritists is only a base from which to continue further studies in this field and that is what Spiritist organizations all over the world continue to do.

This section also presents explanations regarding Moral Laws that provide an explanation for what appears to be the inequities of material life, but nevertheless have logical and just causes.

Used in this section are excerpts from Anna Blackwell’s English translation of the books of Allan Kardec from the French. They are: The Spirits Book and Heaven and Hell – The Divine Justice vindicated in the Plurality of Existences (chapter VII). Also used is information from the Kardec book The Gospel According to Spiritism translated from the Spanish by Yvonne Limoges.

Persons wishing to seek a more comprehensive explanation should read these books in full.

The Spiritist Society of Florida
March 2004