Acts that Prove

Causes of Human Suffering From the Perspective of Reincarnation

There is much unfairness, inequality and suffering in our world. Could some of these situations be the direct result of actions we took in past lives?

This book, translated by Yvonne Crespo Limoges, provides a series of spirit communications received through spiritual mediumship indicating that to be true. Spirits in the afterlife reveal reasonable explanations why many seemingly unexplained human conditions, people and many tragic circumstances in our lives were brought about as a consequence of our choices and actions made in past existences.

Also revealed, is that we chose and were aware, before rebirth, what the circumstances of our lives would be. For we returned to earth, out of love: to make amends, for redemption, self-sacrifice in caring for those we love, as well as for the spiritual progress of our soul.

Further, we are not alone in our journey throughout our material lives. We have our spirit guides and the spirits of family and friends that help us from the afterlife, always providing inspiration, guidance and consolation. We are never alone in our sorrows! 

The life stories herein will provide new insight and answers to the whys of our lives, individually and collectively, and the spirits reveal there is a Divine Plan which is one of CONSOLATION, HOPE and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

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Memoirs of Father Germain

A Spirit Tells the True Story of His Last Existence

This is the first English translation from the Spanish of the famous book Memoirs of Father Germain by Edgar Crespo (our founder) written by the famous Spiritist writer, poet and editor from Spain — Amalia Domingo Soler.

The spirit of Father Germain (Amalia’s spirit guide) communicated the story of his last existence on earth through Eudaldo (a trance medium) while Amalia wrote it down.

Father Germain, a very humble, simple and good person, with his dog Sultan by his side, lived and ministered to the people in a small parish. He suffered much due to the conflicts he had with the official dogma of the Catholic Church. He was a medium while on earth, which was useful to him for helping those who needed his help. He became widely known as a holy man and even royalty sought him out for advice and pardon for their wrongful deeds.

In the form of a novel, the stories of intrigue, adventure and human emotion will provide you with love, inspiration and hope. They contain many moral lessons anyone can gain something from no matter what religious or spiritual belief one has. Father Germain always taught the Universal Religion of Love.

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A Practical Guide for the Spiritist

Handbook on Personal Conduct

This is the first English translation of A Practical Guide for the Spiritist by Edgar Crespo (our founder) that was written by the famous Spiritist writer and healer Miguel Vives of Spain.

This book of only 61 pages, clearly and simply states how to be a good person and how we should be:

Whether one is a Spiritist or not, any person can gain great insight from this small book.

When in doubt of one’s responsibilities in life or struggling through the trials and tribulations of life, this book is one that can provide profound spiritual guidance, consolation and hope.

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