Spiritist Mediumship

1 - Introduction

Practicing mediumship according to the principles of Spiritism provides that it is a sacred faculty and should be solemnly practiced without the charging of any kind. A medium is a tool to be used for spirit communication. It has a divine purpose of revealing to mankind Universal Spiritual and Moral Laws; instructing mankind regarding the true purpose of existence and the reason why mankind needs to progress and evolve. Mediumship is the faculty that acts as the doorway between the two worlds, the material and spiritual.

This site is not for those looking to do fortune telling, tarot cards, to make spirits appear, or other such activities. The articles that we are providing are for those who have the most sincere desire to make communication with the spirit world in a most sacred and serious manner, opening and closing each session in the name of the Creator, and whose main purpose is to seek moral and spiritual lessons and practices, for themselves and others.

Just as the practice of medium should be free without charging of any kind, so should “the education of mediums” be as well, and it is to this end we provide this information. Mediumship is a natural quality in inherent in all human beings on this planet, in one degree or another; and it is part of our natural heritage as spiritual beings.

We follow the recommendations as set down by Professor Allan Kardec in the books he published: The Spirits' Book, The Mediums' Book, Practical Instructions for Spirit Manifestations, The Gospel According to Spiritism, and the Trip of 1862. The information in these books has been verified and corroborated, by Kardec and his scientific society, as well as by Spiritist Centers all over the world, through its practical application for over 150 years.

2 - Spiritist Center Practices

Before we discuss the general practices in a Spiritist center, let us state the following facts:

  • the spirit world exists, interacts, and influences the material world continually whether one believes in it, or not;
  • there are people who have problems which may be solely of a spiritual nature but may be unaware of it (many who are in psychiatric institutions);
  • the study of what we call Spiritism does not, in itself, cause one to become obsessed by spirits;
  • the most important thing is that nothing happens without the Will of God, Who is All-Powerful and All-Love.

People who generally first start a Spiritist group are interested in the study of the Spiritist Doctrine (the study and practice of communication with the spirit world with its philosophical, scientific, and moral implications) and can form an informal group at someone’s home to study the books of Allan Kardec, and similar ones.

A group can be to solely study the Doctrine and another meeting can be for the sole purpose of spirit communications.

Some Centers are very strict about this separation, but some groups have successively combined both these types of meetings. Eventually, among the participants, there may be some who develop the faculty of mediumship, a person who acts as an instrument, in providing for the likely communication between the spirit and material worlds.

A regular place for meetings is preferable so that the spirits can prepare and continue to maintain a harmonious spiritual atmosphere at that location. In addition, a set time is also advisable because spirits are involved with many activities and duties in their own world, and do not just sit around waiting for us to try and communicate with them; this is just common courtesy.

The frequency of meetings can vary at different organizations, but the well-being and health of the mediums should be taken into consideration, and they should not be overworked; meetings for communication with the spirit world should not be more than once or twice a week according to Allan Kardec in his book Practical Instruction for Spiritist Manifestations, Chapter VIII.

Meetings can be split up if the organization is big enough to have: classes for mediums, classes for children, regular public meetings, and special meetings to resolve particular spiritual problems. This last type of meeting should be done by experienced mediums preferably, who do what can be called charity work in assisting troubled spirits and/or participants who may not feel well, and, to educate those spirits who may be causing disturbances. Spiritists should always recommend that anyone not feeling well, for whatever reason, should always first go to their physician to see if their problems are of a physical nature before coming to Spiritist Centers for the possible resolving of spiritual problems. (spiritual healing, magnetic “passes”, etc. will be dealt with in another article).

In the Spiritist Practice there are no clergy. Those who have leadership abilities and are more knowledgeable about the Spiritist Doctrine (many who are mediums) usually end up in charge of the group.

Material titles are not important, what is important is the level of moral, spiritual, intellectual (and if any mediumship) qualities the leaders have, in order to properly direct and provide for the activities involved with the moral and spiritual education of the rest of the group.

The group generally has a certain amount of confidence in their leaders or, they move on to another group or, they may start their own group.

As groups gain in membership and become large, they should look into whatever particular city, county, state, and federal requirements and laws may apply to them, if they accept donations and become more active and formal.

Further, the Spiritist Practice does not require nor use altars, images, candles, crystals, ashes, processions, talismans, amulets, cards, incense, horoscopes, fortune telling, drugs, or any other items or rituals or any other external forms of worship. None of these items is necessary for the communication with spirits, and none of these have any power, or control over spirits.

There are the people in the material world who sit to study the Spiritist Doctrine and then there are the spirits, working in partnership with them, and, communicating through the mediums to relay messages. Chairs and tables are usually all that is needed for our own physical comfort. Nothing else is required.

When the session, or séance, begins all conversation should stop and all should prepare to receive instruction, and, the mediums to receive the communications.

The group should open and close with a prayer in the name of God, and, to request for spiritual protection from their spirit guides.

The number of participants is not important, but generally with smaller groups (see The Mediums' Book, Chapter XXIX, item 334), it is easier to maintain a more harmonious spiritual environment and unity of purpose.

The intent, spirituality, and morality of the people in attendance generally determine what types of spirit communications will be received, if any. A high moral and spiritual ambience of the participants, who are in harmony of purpose and have a sincere desire for spiritual truths, provides for the most beneficial types of spirit communications and experiences.

As an example, The Spiritist Society of Florida conducts once a month for each: a mediumship study class, a children instruction class, and a public meeting for the study of the Doctrine AND for the communication with spirits (this one held on the last Sunday of each month).

The above are the very basics regarding the starting of a sincere and serious Spiritist group. For more information refer specifically to the books by Allan Kardec.

3 - Preface

As the telescope opened up the skies to reveal that our planet is but a speck in an infinite universe, and, the microscope revealed the myriad of creatures hitherto invisible to us, so mediumship, through reason, study, and experimentation will assist mankind to ascertain and prove our own true natures. Mainstream science is seriously studying what has been called "psychic phenomena", and, what traditional religions want us to believe solely by faith, will be eventually proven to the general population to exist by proofs.

Scientists are currently studying among other things: telepathy, the power of prayer, religious healing, the effects of religious belief on health, the abilities of people who call themselves mediums, and, they are obtaining amazing results. These scientists may not know yet how to interpret the data retrieved but, this will come in time as more evidence is accumulated.

As the theory of evolution has been generally accepted to be true, by rational and educated people, eventually the existence of the soul and its natural properties will also become a scientific fact, based on the preponderance of evidence obtained via serious spiritual scientific research.

There is a material world and a spiritual world, and we are part material and part spiritual; both these aspects must be studied in order to have a more complete understanding of the natural laws that govern the universe. Mankind and its science has now advanced in the scientific method and in technology, to the extent wherein study of the spiritual part of our natures and the spirit world, and its interaction with the material world, can be better accomplished without attributing these natural phenomena, subject to natural laws, to superstition and religious fanaticism. Most major traditional religions already accept the existence of the soul and its immortality, but people nowadays want to accept these things through reason not only by faith. The conclusion that spirits and a spiritual world truly exists, and further, that reincarnation provides for spiritual progression and is one of the natural laws of the universe, will definitely have a profound effect on many sciences, as well as philosophy and religion.


(Genesis, Chapter IV, item 17, by Allan Kardec)

4 - Spiritual Scientific Research Instruction for Mediums

The definitive book for the instruction and practice of mediumship has been, and still is, The Mediums' Book by Allan Kardec, published in 1861. It has been used by Spiritists and Spiritualists for over one hundred and thirty years. It has even been used in these modern times, by one of the most popular and serious spiritual mediums in America today, James van Praagh, who listed it in the bibliography of his 1999 book, Reaching to Heaven. But while the book by Kardec is well investigated and researched, profound and insightful, it is unfortunately very difficult for many today to read. If one has the ability of mediumship and would like to educate themselves, what does one do? One would try to read and study the book, while attending a serious Spiritist Center for orientation, education, and practical application.

But, for those who may have the mediumship faculty but have no access to a Spiritist Center? One may start one. This is what my father, Edgar Crespo, and I did. He attended and trained as a medium at a Spiritist Center in New York City, but when we moved to Florida, there were no Spiritist Centers in our town. Initially, we decided to open our spirit communication sessions to only close family and friends at our home. But later, through word of mouth, more and more people started attending. We now currently rent space at a Spiritualist church and hold our meetings there. We train our own mediums and we just celebrated the 20th Anniversary of our Center.

If one must start one’s own center, the majority of books and “courses” out there on mediumship, are rather dubious, confusing, and some are just plain silly; definitely inadequate. Many of these sources make ridiculous promises of making one a medium after payment of sometimes, very large fees. I do not recommend them.

So, it is because of the lack of the availability of Spiritist Mediumship Education Information that this section on mediumship is being developed. The majority of the information on it will be from Allan Kardec’s books, but in an easier to read format. This information is needed to counteract the erroneous information that is currently on-line on numerous websites regarding “channeling” and related mediumship matters. In our opinion, this website does not devalue nor debase the seriousness of the subject matter, but on the contrary, hopes to advise those who would attempt spirit communication, to go into it with a most serious intent and study, and to quote Kardec, it is for those “who recognize the serious nature of the subject, who comprehend its great importance, and who do not make a sport of holding intercourse with the invisible world.” (The Mediums' Book, Translator's Preface) In addition, we would like quote Kardec’s English translator Anna Blackwell, when she states, “The aim of the open intercourse which is now being established between spirits and men…” is “the moral improvement of the human race, which it will accomplish through the new light it will throw on the nature and purpose of human life.” (The Mediums' Book, Introduction). We hope you will find this section very informative and enlightening.

5 - Do you want to become a medium?

So many “New Age" schools have popped up, that for a fee, one can receive instruction on becoming a medium (i.e. spiritual healer, channeler, psychic, etc.). What has Spiritism to say on this matter?Spiritism says that each person is already a so-called "psychic or medium", or one who can be said to have what many call the “sixth sense.” This faculty is natural part of our spirit which is, more or less, in tune with receiving impressions from the spirit world. Some people are more open to these impressions than others. Now, if we put our special attentions to further opening up this faculty, yes, we may be able to amplify its reception.

But... let me say this, if it is not meant for a person to be able to receive these more direct and obvious spirit communications or impressions, for whatever reason, then no matter how much a person can try and be "a medium", it is not going to happen. Everything is subject to the laws of cause and effect, and, the Will of the Creator, so in this life we may not be able to have this faculty opened.

As for a person who is set upon wanting to open up their mediumship faculties, they should seriously and sincerely examine the reason they would want to do this. This faculty can be dangerous to the novice, in that, one exposes oneself to errant spirits (those earth bound and troubled souls) and their sometimes potentially harmful influences. If one is not attending a good Spiritist Center which provides good mediumship education, there is danger the medium could be the subject of spirit fascination and worse, possibly obsession.

The books of Allan Kardec provide information in the instruction and the proper guidelines for mediumship. It emphasizes moral rectitude on the part of the medium and accepts that mediumship is a special gift, rather more for the moral improvement of the medium (than for transmitting messages to others). In addition, mediums provide a sacred service which should be done freely, without compensation. This gift is by virtue of the Will of God, and can be taken away as swiftly as it has been given.

Nevertheless, mediums at a Spiritist Centers provide a wonderful and fulfilling service by allowing troubled spirits access to our material world, so they can provide assistance to them in helping them understand their condition in the spirit world. They also act as instruments for communication from the spirit world for proof of life after physical death and some consolation for those here left behind. There are also mediums for healing. In addition, spirit guides inspire and guide us with their beneficial communications.

Do you still want to be a medium? Are you ready for the responsibilities that come with it?

6 - Spirit Communications Regarding Mediumship

"If you would receive communications from superior spirits, you must prepare yourselves for this favor by concentration of thought, purity of intention, and a sincere desire to help forward the cause of progress; selfishness is a barrier between you and them. Remember that, if God permits you to receive the inspiration of those of His children who have earned the happiness of comprehending His infinite goodness, it is in order that you may advance, and aid others to advance, on the appointed path of progress. Therefore, mediums! It is incumbent on you to make only a good use of the faculty that has been given you. Confiding in, and emulating, Our Master's kindness, let your charity, your tolerance for all about you, be inexhaustible. By scrupulously regulating your action according to your conscience, you will increase a hundred-fold greater happiness in the life to come."

"Pascal". The Mediums' Book, Chap. XXXI , item XIII

"Sent by the Highest with a message to those who are favored with the gift of mediumship, I come to remind them that the greater the favors which have been granted them by His Providence, the greater is the danger they will incur by any misuse of their gift. The faculties possessed by mediums attract to them admiration, adulation, and felicitations of men; therein lies the danger. Let all mediums remember their primitive incapacity, and let them never attribute to their own personal merit what they owe to God alone. When mediums lose sight of this truth, they are abandoned by the good spirits and having no longer a guide to direct them, they become the sport of evil ones. Those who attribute to themselves a value which is not theirs, are punished by the withdrawal of a faculty which could only be fatal to them."

"I cannot too strongly urge upon all mediums the necessity of maintaining a constant communication with their guardian angel, that he may be able to help them to keep clear of the pride which is their worst enemy. Bear constantly in mind, you who have the happiness of being the interpreters between spirits and men, that, without the support of our Divine Master, you are in danger of laying up for yourselves punishment that will be severe in proportion to the greatness of the mediumship faculty that has been confided to you. May this communication have the effect of inducing all mediums to avoid the rock of offence on which they are in danger of making shipwreck. pride."

"Joan of Arc". The Mediums' Book, Chap. XXXI, item XII

In general, regarding spirit communications, it is the message which is the most important thing. Spirits who communicate with us, who have an interest in us either from a past life or other reasons, does so for a purpose which has been permitted by God. That means this is very important and we should be blessed and honored by it.

But, we have our God-given reason and responsibility to listen and evaluate each communication as to its demeanor, tone, content, and purpose. Names are not as important as the message. Remember, we have had many, many past lives and the same number of names.

If the spirit message was basically logical, good, and moral, than we should consider it and how it applies to us. If the message was of the opposite mode, than we should reject it. It is better to reject one good message, if in doubt, than accept one bad one. Usually, the more superior the spirit, the shorter and more spiritually and morally meaningful their message is. Basically, just as you judge people on how and what they say, so judge the spirits.

Sometimes, ignorant, troubled, angry, or vengeful spirits may be permitted to communicate in order to let them "have their say" or to let them get things "off their chest", so to speak, and for us on our side to provide spiritual counseling and assistance (this work should be done by knowledgeable and experienced mediums). But, if it happens, never forget the superior spirits are always in control. This situation is something totally different. We have lead numerous lives in our spiritual pasts and we have done great harm to others as we have progressed. Some who we have harmed, have not forgotten nor forgiven us, on what we have done to them, or their families or friends, down through the ages. Mediums who help these types of spirits do charity work, assisted in partnership with their spirit guides, to help enlighten these sad and miserable souls so they can move beyond their terrible feelings and improve their spiritual situation. Pray for them.

7 - Mediumship - A Sacred Mission

There is a good and Divine reason you are a medium.

  • first, to help yourself morally and spiritually
  • secondly, to help others

A medium needs tools.

  • education through reading and study
  • instruction at classes
  • observation of, and assistance by, experienced mediums if available

Mediums need a place to provide service.

  • a place where there is spiritual harmony and the aim moral education
  • services to be offered freely without charge

Actions that a medium should take to use and function appropriately:

  • consistency in practice of your mediumship (i.e. regular attendance at meetings)
  • consistency in prayer to superior spirit guides
  • proper moral conduct as much as one is able
  • learning to close ones mind in regards to the spirit world when not at meetings.
  • acknowledgment that mediumship is a sacred trust and a mission

Failure to adhere to proper guidelines could result in harm to the medium.

  • one could become influenced by inferior and ignorant spirits
  • mediumship gift could be withdrawn entirely
  • the medium could become fascinated, or worse obsessed, by inferior ignorant spirits

"Good intentions, and the renunciation of selfishness and pride" are "the best conditions for ensuring the correct transmission of the communications of superior spirits" from The Mediums' Book, Chapter XX, item 11, by Kardec.

8 - Obstacles to Mediumship

Points to Ponder

  • doubts in ones' gift, feelings of inadequacy, feelings of not being worthy
  • problems with inferior spirits
  • not sure whether one wants the responsibility

Note: Inferior spirits and those who are the enemies of Spiritism (these types of spirits do not want our moral betterment, and, there are spirits who do not want knowledge of the spirit world to get out to those in the material world). These spirits do not want us to use our mediumship, nor be involved in transmitting our messages or teachings to help others. They will try and stop mediums through thought suggestion. They will provide a million excuses why one should not become a medium, or attend a Spiritist meeting. Be prepared for this.

Help to overcome these obstacles

  • Prayer and prayer and more prayer for assistance from our spirit guides
  • Consistency of attending meetings no matter what
  • Controlling our minds from negative thoughts that would interfere in us, attending meetings and using our mediumship

We receive great spiritual merit in making the decision to use our mediumship.

If indeed we have the faculty of mediumship, it is not a coincidence that we have this ability and have access to a place where we can use it to help others. It is an opportunity for great spiritual advancement that we most probably asked for when we were in the spirit world, before our incarnation. Whether we take advantage of it, is up to us now.

"Let me speak to you of the resolution and perseverance with which you should follow up your Spiritist labors... your efforts will at length be crowned with success, and will have won for you great triumph in the life to come, besides the happiness you will feel in remembering that you have aided in opening a fountain of consolation for all who, upon the earth, have lost friends and relatives, and who thus may communicate with them. Go boldly forward; accomplish the mission appointed you, and great will be your reward upon your return to the spirit world." (an excerpt from communication from a spirit named "Channing" from The Mediums' Book, Chapter XXXI, communication numbered VIII, by Kardec).

9 - Mediumship Development

A person who has found out that they may be developing their mediumship should start a period of work and preparation in order to fulfill to their potential the type mediumship to which they may be headed.The goal of mediumship is to provide service: for oneself, and others.While a medium is practicing in obtaining spirit communications, at the same time, the medium should be reading and studying the Spiritist Doctrine.

Three aspects are important:

  1. Science. learn and understand the mechanics of spirit communications.
  2. Spiritual. continuous contact with ones' spirit guides through prayer, and, trying to purity oneself as much as one can.
  3. Philosophical. gaining confidence and knowledge of Life's Purpose in order to encourage others.

The evolving medium begins with dedication, continues with education, and grows stronger through practice. Finally, there is full participation at spirit sessions with confidence and knowledge.But, full working mediums should always persist in continuous spiritual vigilance and self-improvement. This is to maintain spiritual balance and improved rapport with spirits of as high a moral plane as possible.Excerpts of information taken from Edgard Armond book (Summary of information from chapters 20, 21, and 30) Mediumship and translated into English by Yvonne Limoges.

Note: mediumship can be very difficult at times, because mediums pick up vibrations from others and this affects them as they are more sensitive. So they must be aware of where they go and who they are with. But, how beautiful and inspiring to actually be in communication with ones' guardian angel and spirit guides and to hear from them directly how much they love us and look out for us.

10 - In Regards Responsible Mediumship

All mediums, with rare exceptions, pass through minor phases of mediumship before they attain to their true niche in life. One begins to climb from the bottom of the ladder. Just so, as a rule, mediumship begins to manifest itself in a simple manner, and often the individual will not recognize this as true mediumship, because of its very simplicity. These first manifestations, strengthened by work and study and consecration, improve until the individual is ready and prepared for public work.

In mediumship, as in all human activities, there is danger. There is danger in crossing a street, yet no sane person refuses to do so, but merely exercises the sane precautions which will insure them a safe passage. Just so in mediumship it is necessary to recognize and take precautionary measures to insure safe mediumship. One danger which awaits those who rush head-long and without preparation into mediumship lies in the danger of control or domination by selfish or undeveloped spirits. No soul is automatically freed from its errors of thought or disposition merely by having passed through transition from the earth world to the world of spirit. Many of them still retain base personal thought habits and seek to control earth dwellers so that they may gratify their desires and wishes. Not always are these evil spirits, but those who are unspiritual, still thinking in terms of earth's lower aspects. The Bible in the Scriptures clearly state that we must “try to see if they (the spirits) are of God.” (to see if they are good spirits) And this is rule number one to the novice medium, an absolute essential, for safety and progress. The safety of the medium lies in a knowledge of the laws which govern mediumship, in good conditions and environment, and in the constant refusal of all that does not reflect Truth and Purity.

Rule number two is to select with care those with whom to sit, for the emanation from unwise companions taints and retards the reception of genuine and constructive results. The combined thought forces of sitters can, unless the medium is protected by a developed band of spirit helpers, dominate a medium and cause them to do what in their normal condition they would regard with aversion and scorn. Thus to know those with whom you sit becomes a must when beginning the task of mediumship development. Let those of like mind sit together, harmonizing their forces, joining in unity their purposes, and blending in beautiful auric tones their spiritual aspirations, to receive those sublime teachings for which their minds are ready and seeking.

After one has made a study of the Psychic Laws that govern the universe, and the conditions necessary in sending and receiving thought messages, together with the sources of help and safety available, and through these has built up a strong pure character, a resolute will, and a creative faith in God and the power of Truth and Good, then they are ready for the right kind of mediumship, through which will flow the intelligence, inspiration, wisdom, strength and blessings of the angelic world. These qualities attract a host of loving spirit helpers, who come not only to guide and defend, but to bring great works to the glory of God, and the uplifting of the race.

This kind of mediumship is the strength of Spiritualism (Spiritism), the Christ-mediumship of ancient times repeated and reborn in our own times. The medium has a new world opened to them through mediumship. They now find the Kingdom of God, the unseen universe, teeming with life and activity, a realm beyond comprehension, yet a concrete fact. Also too, their service to others will be greatly enlarged, and the greatest joys will be obtained from the lifting of fear and sorrow from the hearts of those who are burdened... and in the joy of conscious alliance and partnership, with the unseen Hosts of God, and working hand in hand, with angels (the superior spirits), each task becomes imbued with love and purpose.

Excerpt from Expanding Your Psychic Consciousness by Ruth Welch, published in 1950.

11 - The Dangers of Mediumship

Mediumship is beautiful and is an extremely useful faculty but, there are dangers involved. Below they are classified as follows from The Mediums' Book by Allan Kardec.

Simple Obsession - exists when a spirit imposes himself on a medium, against the medium's will, into and with all the communications received by the medium, or prevents the medium from communicating with other spirits, by substituting himself.

In this case, the medium is aware that he is dealing with a deceptive spirit.

Fascination - is an illusion which is produced by the direct action of a spirit on the medium's thought, which paralyses the medium's judgment with regard to the communications the medium receives.

The deceiving spirit artfully inspires in the medium a blind confidence which prevents the medium from seeing the absurdity of his thoughts and any spirit communications received, even when this is clear to everyone else.

The fascinated medium cannot believe he is being deceived.

Subjugation - is the third degree of obsession in which a spirit paralyses the will of the medium, reducing the medium to a state of absolute bondage. Subjugation can be moral and corporeal.

Moral, in that, the medium is often drawn on to do things which are foolish or horrible, which the medium is deluded into thinking are wise and proper. It is a species of fascination which acts on the will and the mind.

Corporeal, in that, the spirit acts on the material organs of the victim, provoking involuntary movements or acts.

The spirit is in complete control of the medium.

We may recognize the existence of obsession by the following signs:

  • the persistence in a spirit communicating, by any means, and his persistence in preventing other spirits from manifesting themselves.
  • the illusion that prevents the medium from seeing falsity and absurdity in the communications he receives.
  • a belief in the absolute identity and infallibility of spirits, who under respected and venerated names, say foolish and false things.
  • the medium's confidence on the praises heaped on him by the spirits who can communicate through him.
  • a disposition to shun the presence of those who might give him useful advice.
  • offense taken at criticism of communications received by him.
  • an incessant desire to write, etc., without regard to time and place.
  • physical constraint over-ruling the medium's will and forcing him to speak and act, in spite of himself.
  • persistent noises and other disturbances around the medium, of which he is at once the cause, and the object.

Points to remember

Evil spirit influences affect people whether they are mediums or not. Knowledge of Spiritism makes us aware these influences exist and it helps us to combat these influences. There are no "magic" words that can be said to remove evil spirits from our side. Our moral imperfections bring us under the power of obsessing spirits, and the surest method of getting rid of them is to attract good spirits to us by the practice of virtue. Good spirits are more powerful than bad ones and their will suffices to keep the bad ones away. But… they only assist those who second the action of their will by their own efforts. If no such effort is made, they may withdraw leaving us free to the evil ones.

There are ignorant and evil people, when they return to the spirit world, their moral inclinations do not change, so they are the same as spirits. It is only through successive existences, through the law of cause and effect, and that of progress, that they will eventually see the error of their ways and advance in morality and goodness.


From The Mediums' Book Chap. XXIII

12 - The Danger of Pride in Mediums

The trait of PRIDE in mediums:

“All moral imperfections are so many open doors, giving access to evil and ignorant spirits; but what brings us most often under their influence is pride, because it is the defect which of all others, we are least apt to recognize in ourselves.”

“Pride has been the ruin of a number of mediums endowed with the highest faculties, and who, but for that defect, might have become equally remarkable and useful; instead of which, their pride having subjected them to the dominion of deceptive spirits, their mediumship faculties have been first perverted, then annihilated, and, in more than one instance, such mediums have brought upon themselves the most humiliating retribution.” (The Mediums' Book, Chap. XX)

Pride shows itself in mediums by unequivocal signs.

  • blind confidence in the communications obtained by them and infallibility of the spirit whom they emanate;
  • they disdain whatever does not come through their own mediumship, and they look at
  • themselves as having a monopoly of the truth;
  • they are dazzled by great names unscrupulously assumed by the spirits who communicate
  • through them and their self-love prevents them from seeing they are being deceived;
  • they repel all advice from others and keep away those who might open their eyes to the reality of their position;
  • even if they should condescend to listen to another, they pay no attention;
  • they are offended by contradiction or criticism;
  • they may detest those who warn them of their delusion;
  • they may withdraw into isolation in which they become the sport of obsessing spirits, who make them accept the most glaring absurdities as something sublime.

How do we really know a good medium (one in which we may safely confide)?

(This is in regards to mediums who are endowed with the faculty sufficiently developed to admit of free

communication of spirits)

  • Consider the tenor or tone of the spirit communications obtained (especially of their spirit guides), NOT the names given by the spirits. Are they of goodness and of a high moral character?
  • Does the medium believe his/her mediumship is a gift to be used for goodness?
  • Does the medium accept the manifestations made through them as a blessing of which they should strive to render themselves worthy by modesty, kindness, and goodwill?
  • Is the medium rendered more humble by his interaction with superior spirits?

If the above are answered “yes” then we may conclude that they are basically a good medium. But, one should still use ones’ reason to analyze all specific spirit communications.

(The Mediums' Book, Chapter XX by Allan Kardec. )

13 - Getting a Meeting Started

A Spiritist meeting is a "collective being whose qualities and properties are the result of the totality of its members." item 331. (The Mediums' Book, Chap. XXIX, item 331). Allan Kardec

Three Types of Meetings.

1. Frivolous - participants regard spirit manifestations as an amusement, no serious results, frivolous questions and conversations

2. Experimental - production of physical manifestations

a. for the curious. non-instructive

b. for the serious. study of the laws of the invisible world

3. Instructive - research and study of Spiritism and its doctrine; instruction regarding morality.

What we want: Qualities of an Instructive Spiritist Meeting

  • a grave and concentrated mind
  • a perfect community of views and sentiments
  • reciprocity of kindly feelings among the members
  • abnegation of every sentiment contrary to charity
  • a general desire of the truth
  • exclusion from the setting of everything of frivolity
  • concentration of thought and desire in the pursuit of the common end and in the evocation of the spirits whose presence is desired
  • cooperation of the mediums, with the disinterested desire to be useful, without vanity, ambition, or any other selfish motive

(a summary of other information from The Mediums' Book Chap. XXIX)

14 - Spirit Identity

Important Points

  • superiority, or inferiority, of spirits can be determined by their language to a large part.
  • Spirits giving a particular name does not guarantee identity, nor superiority. Superior spirits usually do not give a name. It is the message that is most important.
  • accept of spirit communications, only what is good, generous, rational, and approved alike, by your intellect and your conscience.
  • one can NEVER be certain of the truth of any spirit communication. Therefore judge each one on its own merit.
  • Earnest thought, directed at God, can be an effective deterrent against deceptive spirits but it is not a guarantee that one will never be deceived.
  • Spirits can send proxies (substitutes) when needed.
  • if one is deceived by spirits it is because of our imperfection, and for that imperfection and consequent
  • deception, we ALONE are to blame. God permits this in order to both test you and to enlighten your judgment, by teaching you truth from error; if you cannot do this it is because you are not sufficiently advanced, and need to learn further lessons.


  • listen and/or read spirit communications carefully.
  • judge the communication weighing the language carefully.
  • be wary of spirits giving names.
  • judge each message on its own merit.
  • you may accept was is rational and reject what is not, or you may defer judgment.

(The Mediums' Book, Chap. XXIV)

As we explore and study the spiritual world with its interaction with the material world, especially during spirit communication seances or sessions, most people want to know if the spirit who is communicating is indeed, who they say they are.

Before we can fully answer that question there are certain facts that need to be discussed. Spirits cannot be controlled by anyone in this material world. Any medium who says they can produce certain phenomena every time at will, or has a certain spirit at their beck and call, is either a fraud, or, is in the grip of obsessing spirits in control of the medium. In addition, spirits in the spirit world are at different levels of knowledge of their world, so just because they have entered the spirit world does not mean instantaneously they know all "the mysteries of the universe." So, each spirit is limited by their intellectual. spiritual, and moral development when they communicate. Morally superior spirits control inferior ones with the force of their will and nothing happens without the Will of God. Another thing, spirits do not wait around waiting to communicate with us. they have duties and responsibilities according to their level of advancement, and/or they may not be in a position to communicate at all, either due to still making adjustments to their return to the spirit world, or they may have a previous engagement. In addition. spirits can send substitutes who will claim the name of the spirit in question, when it serves their purpose and God's purpose.

So what does all this mean? Each person must decide for themselves if they believe the spirit who is communicating is who they say they are, based on the information given. But, the message and information given in the communication itself should be closely pondered upon. If the information (mannerisms, way of speaking. detailed information given, etc.) was sufficiently specific regarding the individual we wanted to speak to, it can be assumed it was them. But, since there are never any guarantees. a suitable substitute spirit may have been used but, we should understand that this should not make that communication any less meaningful.

At first glance, this may seem rather unfair, but let’s look at it from a more spiritual point of view. First, if the spirit wants to and can communicate, and it is permitted that they can do so, they usually will. If they can't for whatever reason. and it would be important to the spiritual and moral well-being of the individual who is waiting for a communication in the material world, a substitute will be sent, or a messenger will be sent explaining that the particular spirit could not come. But, any message we have given them will be relayed to the appropriate individual spirit, sooner or later, when they can receive it, depending on their situation.

God knows ahead of time what we, in the material world, are waiting and wanting for, in regards to spirit communications and He gives us what we need. This is very reasonable because God loves us, wants to comfort us, and wants us to know about the spiritual world. If we do not receive what we think we need or want, there is a just cause for that. All of these facts, do not negate the fact that there is actual spirit communication from the material world.

It is for these reasons, at our Spiritist Center, we never invoke a particular spirit, we leave it in God's Hands and His Superior Messengers to allow whatever spirits may need to communicate, to do so.

15 - Mediumship Education on Spiritist Websites

I find it very interesting that most Spiritist websites have nothing in regards to mediumship. There is so much misinformation regarding mediumship by others out there.... I believe it is high time Spiritists put out what they believe regarding this sacred mission. Mediumship is a natural phenomena and one does not have to be a Spiritist to have this faculty. When The Spiritist Society of Florida went to give a lecture regarding Spiritism, at a parapsychological institute in Florida, we met a lady whose daughter (after we heard the explanation of what was happening to her) was showing signs that she was a medium. She was seeing spirits and getting messages. The mother wanted to know what can her daughter do with this gift and what it is and what was the reason for it? We have an obligation as Spiritists to provide this information to as many people as we can. These people will be picking up other books that are out there with so much misinformation. We had to address some of this misinformation at our lecture.

I feel sometimes as if many Spiritists groups feel like mediumship is a big secret, or they don't want people to think they might be crazy, or that someone will read about mediumship and get obsessed. There are many people in mental institutions who are obsessed and they don't know a thing about Spiritism. I worked twenty six years for the United States government’s Social Security Administration taking applications and adjudicating claims for survivor, retirement, and disability benefits. As a medium, I could tell some who only had spiritual problems.

Mediumship is part and parcel of Spiritism, an integral part of it; it is through mediumship… which proves the spirit world. To deny it, is to deny Spiritism itself. We, Spiritists, must always have faith in God and not in men. God and the superior spirits have strict control over those possessing spirits, and those who pursue mediumship seriously and sincerely will be assisted. God never gives anyone a heavier load then they can handle. Those who would abuse it, or use it for frivolous reasons, will be taken care of by their own spirit protectors, and they will either get the scare of their life and stop, or, they will eventually lose interest when nothing happens, because nothing occurs without the Will of God, Our Supreme Father. No spirit, can communicate or disturb another, without His express permission and those superior spirits who assist Him and His Divine Plan.

16 - Charging for Services as a Medium

There are many mediums out there charging for their services and one of the main things that make Spiritist mediums different from the rest is that those who truly follow the Spiritist Doctrine, never charge.

But, the basis on whether it is wrong or not, is determined by the intent of the person (for "our intent" is wherein ALL our actions and/or in-actions are judged).

As for mediumship, Spiritists realize that it is a faculty for a sacred use which can be taken away at any time.

But, God looks at the medium’s intent. True Spiritists should be beyond this type of thing regarding charging for mediumship services rendered because money compromises the situation and causes doubt. People expect results for their payment.

Spiritist mediums do not guarantee anything, the spirit world is in control over what communications a person receives. Mediums are only a tool for a Divine purpose. As Kardec says in The Mediums' Book, see chapter XXVIII , "mediumship is for a high and holy purpose."

Kardec also states, "The payment of mediums may therefore be condemned, absolved, or favored, according to the motive and aim of each individual medium: the intention of the medium, rather than the material fact of payment, furnishing the basis of our judgment."

Remember, mediumship has a Providential Purpose which is to teach mankind its true purpose and this

knowledge should be for everyone regardless of whether they can afford it or not. Many mediums, those who do not follow the Spiritist Doctrine, charge out of ignorance, but all those mediums who do charge, and know in their heart of hearts that it is wrong, will be sorry they used their gift for financial gain and will suffer the consequences of their actions, either in this life or in future lives.

Those mediums who charge because they fear that they cannot make a living without charging for their services as mediums do not fully put their faith in God to provide them the economic means to live, while they fulfill their duties as mediums if using it for a Divine Purpose. God always helps those who do His Work.

17 - Healing Mediums and Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healings were major events in Jesus’ mission, as well as in the apostles preaching. Today, we know the basic mechanics of spiritual cures. These cures, called miracles in days past, are simply a part of natural laws unknown to the ancients.

Spiritual healing is accomplished when superior spirits who administer treatment to a patient manipulates a medium’s energies. Spirit guides do the direct treatment. A “healing medium” is a person whose physical make-up is more suited as an instrument for this type of spiritual phenomena. Any medium can be used, but a healing medium, due to their unique physical organization, makes the job easier for the spirits to accomplish their tasks.

Healing by the laying on of hands, by passes, by mere touch, etc. is not just an interaction of mediunimic fluids and spirit action. The medium directly influences the healing affect. Mediumship is sacred and should be practiced with serious respect. Healing mediums especially, should have the purest sentiments, love of goodness, an ardent feeling to alleviate the sufferings of others, and finally strong faith in God. One should have the highest moral qualities. The healing medium should use the gift only for good, without self-interest, and not to satisfy their own vanity or pride. If the medium purifies him or herself spiritually, their fluids are more pure which will better attract the more superior spirits who can bring a more effective cure to the sick individual. All medium phenomena is the result of a combination of fluids emitted by the medium and by the fluids brought by the spirits from the spirit world. When these fluids are together, they have new properties that, while apart, they would not have.

The general overall good health of the medium is another important factor in the healing process. The medium should strive for good health and practice proper nutrition. The instrument, the medium, should be strong for use. In addition, prayer, which is an evocation, attracts the good spirits who will come to second the efforts of the well-intentioned medium. The medium’s faculty works easily, with fluids from the good spirits, meanwhile those mediums that do not spiritualize themselves, are at the mercy of the ignorant spirits who surround them.

Also, fluid action can be further effective when the sick person has faith in the healing. God recompenses the sick by their faith, with good outcomes. The patient, without realizing it, helps to attract the good spirits around themselves creating a more positive fluidic environment conducive to the healing process. Long-term benefits should not be expected or promised by mediums. Cure or improvement, depends as much on spiritual treatment as on the patient’s merits and attitudes. Every so often what one seeks, is not in one’s self interest. Therefore, both mediums and patients should trust in God’s Wisdom for all outcomes. The Creator Knows what is best for us all.

Even though a medium's mission adds to one’s responsibility, it offers the joy of the good spirits and helping others, if one carries out the mission properly. In order to be confident in a craft, one should know the tools well. One should have a thorough understanding of mediumship.

(The above is a summary of information on the topic of healing mediumship taken from The Spirits' Book and The Mediums' Book by Allan Kardec.)

18 - Different Types of Spirit Communications

At a spirit session or séance, many spirits communicate, each at their own level of moral, spiritual, and

intellectual development. It is important to always remember that at these types of meetings superior spirits are always in charge and oversee what spirits are allowed to communicate and/or come through. Sometimes, they allow spirits to come through as tests and learning experiences for the mediums and/or attendees. Some spirits find it easier to provide communications to a medium that “sees” visions (pictures or scenes which are symbolic) by way of thought projection.

Some spirits who communicate are what may be called familiar spirits such as those who are friends and relatives, from either our current or from past lifetimes. Some spirits who come are our spirit guides with advice for their charges.

Some spirits have no relation with any of those in attendance but who have been brought to communicate for different purposes. Some of these spirits have no other place to go to say what they need to say, which is a type of catharsis for them, letting them vent. Some spirits are brought to communicate to provide moral instruction for those in attendance. Their communications provide messages to the attendees with many lessons and hopefully they are listened to carefully.

Many spirit messages provide clear, specific, and substantial proofs to those in the material world that those who they knew are still “alive” but in another dimension called the spirit world, and that they still love us, and still take an active interest in what is going on in our material lives.

Then there are the spirits who come to give messages to attendees who may have health problems. These spirits through mediums, give “passes” (providing beneficial fluids with special qualities) and provide recommendations for some attendees to go to their doctor. They can also identify spiritual problems and alleviate them as well; for as we go about our daily lives we “pick up” negative fluids from those who may be about us and we may need a spiritual cleansing.

The superior spirits bring some spirits, who communicate for help, to those in the material world. Those in the material world who are trained to provide this function assist and delicately educate those spirits who may not be fully aware of their newly found state (recently “deceased” and being now in the spirit world) and all other spirits who may need different types of assistance.

Those spirits who are very morally superior communicate with humans infrequently but do so to educate, console, and inspire us. They are a wonderful example of what we can one day become!

A spirit session is very informative for those who listen carefully, for it is a window into the next world that one-day awaits all of us!

Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges

19 - Beware of False Spirits

Spirit Science teaches us that spirits in the spirit world influence mankind daily, for we are all “mediums” to a certain extent because these faculties are natural characteristics of our soul, but some persons have faculties more developed than others. In those with the more developed faculty of mediumship, this influence by spirits is an important issue that needs to be satisfactorily addressed.

When a medium is first starting out, whether in their initial steps of early development of their mediumship faculties, or whether they have always had the mediumship faculty but have decided to now orientate themselves for its use in the “Spiritist Practice,” both types of mediums are wide open to receive influences from all sorts of spirits. Some spirits will tell the mediums anything and/or appear and say they are anyone and/or will tell them or show them things that are NOT TRUE.

This is a time of testing for the medium, when they can practice in using their good judgment and reason, to discern what spirit messages are necessarily unreasonable and/or outright wrong versus a spirit message that sounds reasonable and may be considered. JUST BECAUSE A MEDIUM RECEIVES A SPIRIT MESSAGE OR VISION DOES NOT MEAN, THAT MESSAGE IS TRUE OR HAS A USEFUL MEANING!!!! We cannot stress this statement enough.

The goal of a good medium under the “Spiritist Practice” is to receive coherent and clear spirit messages and visions that are useful and instructive (morally and spiritually) for them, and for others in service. They also must be able to discern the spirits of the familiar type, like those of relatives and friends who are now in the spirit world and wish to communicate. They must try and learn to discern from their feelings when a spirit approaches whether it has a good intent or a malicious intent.

The medium must learn to weed out nonsensical messages from spirits who just want to have fun, amuse, trick, confuse, or scare them. Serious trouble can come from those spirits who give themselves the names of famous or important people from the past, those who claim that the medium should only listen to them, and those spirits who want the medium to go off on their own and that they do not need anyone to help them in their mediumship. Fascination and obsession of mediums by spirits is real!

Mediums need to “work” in a trusting and loving environment with a sincere and serious intent, hold their faculty of mediumship as a sacred trust, conduct themselves (in their personal lives as best they can) with proper moral behavior and spiritualize themselves by ridding themselves of impure thoughts and discarding any material vices they may have. “Like attracts like” and as the medium is, so are the spirits around them.

Reading and studying the principles of spirit science, conscientious hard work, and consistent practice with more experienced mediums, and prayer, can help develop a novice medium into a useful instrument meriting protection by the good spirits.

Written by Yvonne Limoges

20 - Mediumship, A Precious Opportunity

Mediumship is the precious opportunity to put into realization an act of Divine Love and one of Supreme Charity.

Your eyes cry needed tears for those who no longer have material ones. Your tears erase, a little at a time, through repentance, the past wrongdoings of a spirit. Through your mediumship you relate life stories that liberate those who would like to clear their consciences and relieve themselves of rancor, remorse, and unlimited anguish.

Do not resist the use of your mediumship faculties to those in the spirit world who would grieve and cry.

Those spirits need you and your faculties to obtain a spiritual equilibrium that allows them the blessed opportunity for spiritual progress.

Endure with love the sufferings, both moral and physical, which is a natural part of this interchange based on love. You receive but simple and temporary grief, but for the spirits, there is a chain of perpetual sorrow. So, fortify yourselves through prayer and never refuse them.

Your spirit guides are always present to protect and assist you in such a delicate and extraordinary task, having complete confidence in you and your capacity for this sacred work.

This is my entreaty for you to persist in the continuation of your efforts.

Spirit communication received by a medium’s spirit guide

(This message was translated by Y. Limoges -with some changes to make it easier for an American reader. from Spanish into English out of the Spiritist Union newsletter from Puerto Rico.)