• The spirits of human beings do NOT reincarnate into the bodies of animals, and vice versa.
  • The spirit of a human being must reincarnate into a material body to put into practice its intentions towards goodness and to progress.
  • Each person's actions or non-actions (in thought, word, and deed) are subject to the Infinitely Just, Universal Laws of Cause and Effect. Each must, during their material existences, make amends, and make any appropriate reparations. This allows for spiritual equilibrium and soul progression. We receive assistance throughout our spiritual journey from spirit guides assigned to us from birth.
  • We are responsible for any wrongs we have committed and, for any good we could have done, but failed to do. Progress is very, very slow. It takes myriads of material existences to reach our goal. But, the path of redemption is never closed and ALL can reach relative perfection and the Creator. There is no such place as a Heaven or a Hell - our behavior determines our set of circumstances and our conditions, in the material world and as well as in the spirit world.