Spiritist Doctrine

  • The Supreme Intelligence is First Cause of All Things. The Creator is Unique, Eternal, All Love, All Just, All Knowing, and All Powerful.
  • A human being is a soul (or spirit) attached to a physical body.
  • There are two planes of existence, the material and spiritual worlds, whose inhabitants constantly interact upon each other.
  • Persons endowed with the faculty of mediumship are more easily able to communicate with spirits in the spirit world. Mediumship comes in different degrees and types of abilities.
  • Spirits must reincarnate into successive material existences in order evolve: intellectually, spiritually, and morally.
  • The goal of reincarnation (or soul evolution) is to reach relative perfection. Then reincarnation is no longer necessary and there is no more suffering. Beings determine their own path by the choices they make in this process. We are the architects of our own destiny.
  • It is through the practice of Love and Charity, which most facilitates our soul's progression.
  • According to the numerous spirit communications received from various sources, the man named Jesus of Nazareth had the most morally superior spirit to have incarnated on this earth. His mission was to provide us with an example of what level of morality and goodness, mankind can attain on this planet.