Messages from the Spirits

1 - For Those Who Attend Spirit Sessions

God Bless all those who come this morning! Search deep within your hearts to see if you know the true reason that you come here.

Those mediums that transmit the messages from us in the spirit world should come with the firm resolve to fulfill their sacred duty without pride because the messages that you receive are not from you. You are only the instrument to be used so that the Creator’s teachings may be revealed. And all here please know, that interaction with the spirit world between those in the material world (whether a medium or not) should be an active communion. There are many reasons you come:

You seek advice for what may be going on in your material lives, sometimes you receive it, other times you do not. Your faith may be tested, but nevertheless your presence shows humility to the Divine Will.

You seek consolation for your sufferings. Here, as Spiritists, you are reminded that all suffering serves a Divine purpose for the purification of your soul.

You seek inspiration from us to lift you up with the spiritual strength to support the tasks you have chosen and the sufferings you deserve in this lifetime. Your guides come to tell you they love you and they try to ease your troubles with their beneficial fluids. Generally, they cannot stop the trials you must undergo, but can only help alleviate them.

But, open your ears and your hearts at the spirit session! For you must be receptive to receive the benefits of this spirit communion. You must put your part through resignation and faith ever strong in the Wisdom of the Creator. You must be humble to absorb these beneficial fluids we bring to ease the pain within your souls and bodies. Concentrate on what happens here and leave your mundane cares outside these walls and seek spiritual knowledge and solace, away from the trivial cares of the world!

Pray sincerely and fervently; don’t be passive. Truly listen carefully to the spirit communications and learn from those spirits who admit they have made mistakes they now cannot take back. Learn about the spiritual and moral laws that can save you so much heartache and put them into action in your own lives. God Helps those who help themselves.

Your merit wherein you have made that effort to fulfill the duties that have been designated to you in this lifetime. Complaining and murmuring is no good, for all suffer, and you as Spiritists, should learn here how to suffer well. Have resignation, be self-sacrificing, and have strong faith that nothing happens without just cause.

Finally, you should come in adoration of the Omnipotent Creator Who is All Love and All Compassion because all His children eventually reach Him. The door of redemption is never closed, how fast you reach your goal of a purified spirit is up to you!

(Spirit communication received at The Spiritist Society of Florida by Yvonne Limoges — April 29, 2005

2 - We Are All Imperfect Humans!

All upon the earth are imperfect and do the best they can to get by in this world of sorrows. Each person is touched, in one form or another, with his or her own troubles, trials, catastrophes, calamities, and disasters. No one escapes from this because being human, people make mistakes, make errors of judgment, do nothing when they need to, or do too much when they need do nothing; and this puts into effect the law of cause and effect; whether in this life, or in the next. One undergoes either an immediate reaction or a delayed reaction.

But, during all this, the most important thing is whether people have learned through their experiences, regarding what has occurred. Have they supported with courage what they were going through? Have they understood what they need to do for the next time? Have they come away from a lesson in life which improves their spirit and makes it stronger, more humble, more loving, more empathetic, more sympathetic, more caring, more persevering, more resigned?

It is the conflicts and trials and tests that you have amongst each other that help foster growth and development among yourselves. No one would advance if everyone stayed to himself or herself. It is only in daily struggles with each other, as individuals, as groups, and as nations, in various relationships that fosters intellectual, moral, and spiritual maturity and progress.

It is this interaction that helps people to separate “the wheat from the chaff;” this interaction (sometimes which are very painful experiences) is that which separates the superstitions, the prejudices, the mental barriers humans place upon themselves, and other things, from what will help mankind to find their proper way and to find the ultimate truths of life.

Do not become disheartened or discouraged when things seem to fall apart, when people or things are a disappointment, or difficulties seem beyond reparation or a resolution. Experiences teach lessons. If nothing is learned through the whole experience that is the waste!

Life is full of struggles but that is what purifies the soul!

Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges

3 - The Perfect Circumstance

Life is not perfect because humans are not perfect, but one has to eventually come to the realization, that what is perfect, is the circumstance wherein we find ourselves in life due to the Laws of Cause and Effect and live contentedly with that knowledge, because the Arbiter of that Law is God Who is Perfect and All Love and All Justice. So, as Spiritists, in realizing this…we should get down our hands and knees and humbly thank God for His Perfect law of circumstances and be grateful to be so very blessed. It takes a certain spiritual maturity to reach this point in our thinking and in our believing it.

No matter what our circumstance, it is always such as would cause us further intellectual, spiritual, and moral advancement. But, the responsibility lies with us to take advantage of the situation, or, repeat the same situations over and over, and, for those who remain so stubborn they will repeat them within even worse circumstances, until we realize God’s Omnipotent Authority over our lives in assisting us towards our own purification; as a wise Father towards His children, no matter how painful we find Life’s experiences. It is easier if we go with the flow, it is harder if we fight the circumstances and the obstacles.

We can feel more of an inner contentment and an inner spiritual peace when we realize and accept these Truths; we will have an inner satisfaction one cannot explain.

We are never alone in our trials and tribulations! God helps us to persevere by providing those around us in the material life (relatives and friends, etc.) and in the spirit world (our spirit protectors), to inspire and assist us if we but utilize them. We are never given a heavier load than we can handle in a lifetime. Generally, what we lack in sustaining and accomplishing our goals in life is moral courage and persistence. We let ourselves become so desperate!

How horrible for us when we rebel (because we know we weaken at times) against God’s Plan for us, because of our lack of faith and our human weaknesses in complying with His Immutable Laws.

The harsh realities of pain and suffering we undergo are but a sieve to remove the impurities of our soul! It is the Law that we must work for our own self-improvement in order to receive its merits. The sooner we understand and accept these facts with calm resignation, the faster we will reach the state of purified souls who no longer must expiate and atone.

Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges

4 - Acceptance for the Concept of Reincarnation Has Come

If we truly believe in a Creator Who is All Love and Goodness, why does suffering exist? It is obvious that suffering is rampant upon this planet, in one form or another, and that no one escapes it and many people suffer things that seem random with no apparent cause.

Science tells us every effect must have a cause. Reason tells us that suffering must have a just cause because all suffering must be in conformance with the Perfect Justice of God’s All Powerful Goodness. This also means we cannot receive punishments arbitrarily. Then what is the answer to the question: “Why do good people suffer?” The only logical answer is the spiritually mature concept of reincarnation through it laws of cause and effect based upon the choices people make through their thoughts, words, and deeds. The inequities of life only appear unfair because of mankind’s limited perspective, for it must look out beyond the horizon of one lifetime into the infinity of the plurality of existences to find the reasons for Life’s sorrows. One lifetime is but only one link in a long chain of lives.

It is high time for mankind to begin to accept this fact…for it is the only concept where mankind will truly find solace while upon this material world and where reason can provide a solid faith to sustain it.

Mankind suffers the results of its choices in order to learn lessons that in turn assist in its soul’s progression and moral purification. A human being cannot sufficiently progress and learn all that it needs to learn in one lifetime; to have only one chance to get things right, and then either go to heaven or to the eternal damnation of hell is not in keeping with the Goodness of the Creator.

The Creator Knows the past, present, and future, as the Creator is All Knowing. It would go against God’s Supreme Justice to create beings already known to be doomed to hell or to create others, already knowing they would “be saved” and could go to heaven. If this was the case that would mean that the Creator was playing favorites and that is unfair even to a mere human’s sense of justice!

Neither does it truly make sense that a person may have one horrible or one relatively good lifetime then, continue to supposedly evolve in the afterlife or spirit world or beyond. One can learn all one likes, but it is only when one puts knowledge into practice, that is when a person is put to the real test of its will power and determination. It is also the only way the soul actually transforms itself through a progressive purification process. It would be like going to school forever but never using or testing the knowledge attained in one’s field of study.

The Creator Created all of humanity and Holds all mankind to the same Universal Spiritual Laws no matter what their religious or non-religious beliefs; for the Law of Cause and Effect is the same for all.

Now, if we believe that we have had many existences, we must assume we have made some wrong choices along the way, most probably even committed terrible crimes when we were less morally mature in ages long past. We have only to look at the violent past of the history of mankind. It would be illogical to assume we have all been perfect angels from the very beginning of our creation! Therefore, as it states in the book The Gospel According to Spiritism, Chapter 17: “God has created all men equal in relation to pain, whether we be small or great, ignorant or educated, we all suffer for the same motives so that each one may judge in clear consciousness the evil that can be done… God Desires that all His children, being instructed

through their common experiences, should not practice evil with the excuse of not knowing its effects.” Mankind suffers because it has caused hurt or pain to itself or others and it must repent, expiate, and make reparation for any transgressions of moral and spiritual laws, either in this present lifetime or in another existence; for it is insufficient just to say one is sorry and carry on. The Divine Scales of Justice are Perfect and there are no mistakes. In addition, being good and doing good deeds, in certain cases, may help to ease expiations.

Further, those who have completely expiated their past want to push themselves further through self-sacrifice and by accepting difficult missions (these are very morally superior souls). They comprehend fully that if they succeed in these, it will help push them further along the pathway that leads to their final purification (no longer having to reincarnate anymore) and towards the Creator.

Everyone starts at the same place and ends at the same place, how long it takes (how many existences) is up to each individual. In order to accept this concept of reincarnation one must have a mature spiritual understanding. We realize that there are no special dispensations, no magical words that can be said, there is no way to avert the consequences of our own thoughts, words, and deeds. We are the architects of our very own destinies! We have only ourselves to blame for all our sufferings, for we have chosen our own spiritual journey.

It is we who choose what types of trials we will subject ourselves when we return to the material world in each existence, after we have been shown (upon our physical death and return to the spirit world) what crimes, bad deeds, or wrongdoings we have committed in our previous lives. We do this because we want to make amends, we want to clear our consciences, we want to become better persons, and we want to progress, as all spirits eventually want to do, for the Law of Progress is a Law of the Universe. We understand then, that we cannot progress until we have cleansed and purified ourselves of our past, reparated for it, and, attained great knowledge and wisdom while removing all selfishness and materiality from the very essence of our being and soul. Humankind progresses through the merits of its deeds not through any type of special grace or the sacrifices of another.

Many who may initially accept the concept of reincarnation, when they begin to look deeper into what that concept actually means, and later learn we must accept our own personality responsibility regarding the own personal responsibility regarding the circumstances we find ourselves, it is then when they either humbly accept this reality, or, reject the whole thing and walk away (or even reject God) because they are not spiritually or morally ready to accept this truth.

But, they will accept it eventually, as they mature later in this lifetime or in another, because reincarnation is the only logical answer to the question, “Why do good people suffer?” - for it is in total conformance with the Creator’s Supreme Love and Perfect Divine Justice.

Inspirationally received by Yvonne Limoges on December 23, 2004

5 - Spiritism, American Style

Book review on Reaching To Heaven, written by James Van Praagh

"Only one sure guarantee exists for spirit teachings: This is the concordance that exists between revelations which have been received spontaneously by a large number of mediums not known to each other and located in different places."

The statement above was taken from The Gospel According to Spiritism by Allan Kardec, in the Introduction regarding The Authority Behind the Spiritist Doctrine and The Universal Control of the Spirit Teachings, in the English edition translated by Janet Duncan.

Throughout history, God has permitted that spiritual truths be given to mankind by way of intermediaries who transmit information to us on earth, from the spiritual world to the material world, and these intermediaries are called mediums. They have come at different times and have been born in different places, so as to tailor their message in the language, manner, and approach so that those around them can more clearly comprehend the messages they convey regarding spiritual truths and realities. These "mediums" are the bridge between the material and spiritual world. The founders of all the worlds religions were mediums; the sibyls, oracles, necromancers and prophets of ancient times were also mediums.

American Indian and aboriginal cultures had, and still have, their shamans and medicine men who were, and are mediums. Starting with Swedenborg and continuing through the 1800’s and on to the present, there has also been an outpouring of spirit messages to the material world.

The faculty of mediumship has always been with mankind, among regular people and more famous ones, up unto the present day. Currently, popular mediums appear on television on Larry King Live and daytime talk shows like Oprah and Montel Williams.

But the messages of all mediums must be analyzed and our intelligence, experience, and reason must be used to determine the rationality of what they are transmitting from the spirit world. Spirits in the spirit world are at all levels of intellectual, moral, and spiritual development, just as people are; for they are the very same beings, except some are in the material world and some are in the spiritual world.

As a student of the Spiritist Doctrine, I believe that today in America there is one popular medium who comes closest to expressing the same spiritual truths which were transmitted by the spirit world to Professor Allan Kardec back in the 1850’s and that medium is James Van Praagh, especially in his book entitled Reaching to Heaven - A Spiritual Journey through Life and Death published in 1999. It comes as no surprise that he lists The Mediums' Book by Allan Kardec in its bibliography. Now there are a few sections in the book which may seem very elemental for Spiritists but the majority of the material, I believe, for America at this time in history, carries a more clearer message of the more complex spiritual truths to those who so desperately need it in this country.

There are others who are also spreading spiritual truths such as John Edwards, Sylvia Brown, George Anderson, and Rosemary Althea, being the main ones who have had the most impact on the American public. Although their work is very incomplete by Spiritist standards, this work also has a profitable purpose because we are not all at the same level in our ability to comprehend spiritual realities. But all these mediums help to bring to the forefront the ideas that: we each have a soul and that there can be communication between us on earth and the spirit world through the intermediary of a person called a medium. They provide consolation regarding their deceased loved ones to those left behind here in the material world and they provide hope by providing proof of an afterlife and that death is not the end of us. They express the idea that material life has a Divine purpose and the practice of love is paramount.

But I believe, Van Praagh in his book Reaching to Heaven, goes more into detail regarding the specific nature of spiritual truths and he brings the most concise and clearest view to the American public of the science and religious philosophy behind spirit communications. These views, these principles, these spiritual truths are generally in accordance with the Spiritist Doctrine. Coincidence? I think not. Although some of the jargon and terminologies he uses may be different from what Spiritists use (but which enables him to better communicate with his target audience) the ideas he expresses are basically the same as Spiritism.

In Reaching To Heaven, he encourages people to become more in tune with their spiritual natures; he states we have a soul, that it never dies, and that we should not fear death because it is only a transition. He states that we have spirit guides who help us while we are in the material world. He discusses what Spiritists call the perispirit and some of its properties and explains that the physical brain is not the source of ideas, but our soul is. He explains that our thoughts have consequences, whether they be positive or negative. He explains the law of "like attracts like" and teaches the law of reincarnation, karma, and personal responsibility. He discusses the impact on us of the fluids of spirit entities, calling it a "mental atmosphere" wherein we are affected by "the thoughts and feelings" of those in the spirit world. He calls "death - our way home," as he wants people to realize that is where we come from and that is where we return to. He agrees we basically "die every night" when we sleep. He explains the power of prayer and especially that prayer is very beneficial to those in the spirit world. He discusses what we Spiritists call "collective expiation" calling it "group death" and explains what it is, according to the laws of cause and effect, expiation, and reparation. He discusses those spirits who are troubled and cannot detach themselves from the earth plane to move on.

He explains that our concept of time stops in the spirit world and that when we return to it, spirits do not automatically understand "all the mysteries of the universe" and that we are at all different levels of spiritual, moral, and intellectual development.

He explains, that when our spirit returns to the spirit world, the condition we are in is based on "a precise reflection of its life achievements and/or transgressions while on earth." This a very important concept because it tells people that when one returns to the spirit world, things are not always going to be happy and wonderful. Spiritists know this full well. Van Praagh also states we reap what we sow, and he discusses what awaits those poor spirits who persist in malicious and evil tendencies which is very similar to what is described by the spirits in Kardec’s book, Heaven and Hell.

In Kardec’s book The Gospel According to Spiritism, at the end of Chapter 14, a spirit states "Of all the trials that exist, the hardest to bear are those which affect the heart." In James Van Praagh’s book Reaching To Heaven, in Part Two, The Spirit Speaks, he states "Though there are myriad tests a soul must go through on this earth, the lessons of the heart are probably the most challenging." It is in this section of Van Praagh’s book, wherein he provides the moral and philosophical implications of spiritual science, which is represented through spirit communications which supply moral and spiritual lessons involving guilt, fear, forgiveness, and love.

Van Praagh states that the soul’s travel towards perfection is painful but if we realize "what awaits us at the end of our journeys is worth all the agonizing and arduous steps that we have to take, we would gladly forge ahead." Isn’t this what Spiritism teaches us? Yes, because we know the purpose of material life and it is my opinion that this medium has done an excellent job in explaining to those who are unfamiliar with "Spiritism" the same spiritual science as set forth by the superior spirits to Allan Kardec. The "body of information" that is being supplied in Van Praagh’s book may not have a name (what we call Spiritism) but, the similar and important ideas and information have obviously been permitted to be relayed through mediumship inspiration, with permission by God and the superior spirits, because the time has come for it to get out with more momentum and clarity in the new lingua franca of the world, American English.

As written in Kardec’s book, The Gospel According to Spiritism, are not these similarities in spirit messages one of the proofs discussed of the authority, concordance, and the universal control behind spirit teachings? I believe so.

Written by Yvonne Limoges

The Spiritist Society of Florida

6 - The Consolation that Spiritism Brings Us

Belief in the Doctrine of Spiritism brings a person great benefits and one of the major benefits is CONSOLATION.

How consoling it is to know and believe that there is a Creator Who Loves us and watches out for all Creation, to know the Creator is Supremely Just and Powerful, One Who provides through His Immutable Laws, that there is Just Cause for all things.

How consoling to know that we are never alone in dealing with the many trials and tribulations of Life, for we are assigned a guardian spirit (full of loving goodness and spiritual affection for us; our truest friend) throughout our lifetime on earth. They are there beside us always, to inspire us when we feel low, to guide us when we must make decisions, and to help guard us from harm’s way when it be for our own good…We need to listen and heed their “voice of conscience” and reason, for they only tell us what is good for us. We also receive spiritual assistance from our friends and relatives from past lives; who still love us and watch over us as best they can.

How consoling to know our dear loved ones who depart this physical earth before us, are received in the spirit world by the loved ones (from both current and previous lives) who had departed this material world before them, and especially to know they will be received by their loving spirit guides who welcome them to their true home back into the spirit world with open and welcome arms. How consoling to know they will be lovingly cared for, after such suffering upon the earth.

How consoling and comforting to know that our loved ones can see us and know how we are doing (even though we may not see them or be aware of this). And since we know this to be true, we know how important it is to pray for them so as to calm and heal them, to let them know we still love them and remember them. We also want them to know that we are carrying on our lives so they don’t worry too much over us, so they may concentrate on recuperating from their sojourn in the material life upon the earth.

How consoling to know that, if God permits and they are in a condition to do so, our loved ones, from the spirit world (through the faculty of mediumship) can, at times, directly speak with us at Spiritist sessions.

How consoling to know that the circumstances we find ourselves in life are the perfect and just circumstances we truly need (no matter how painful) in order to expiate and make reparation for the wrongdoings we have committed, both in our current life and from our past lives (although we may not remember now the reasons, we knew prior to our incarnating), for there is a just cause for everything that happens in life.

How consoling to know that this perfect circumstance of our life, also provides for our moral, spiritual, and intellectual advancement, if we carry our debts and burdens well, fulfilling our duties with love in our hearts and serene resignation due to our strong faith in God’s Supreme Justice and the Divine Plan.

How sad it is for those people who have no knowledge of Spiritism and fear death; how horrible for some to think they may truly suffer in hell for all an eternity or that there is nothing beyond death; how sad for those who believe that their deceased loved ones are gone forever; and how sad for those who believe that this one lifetime is all that God concedes to us.

How sad for those who feel we suffer without just cause... The Supreme Creator Loves us and as a Father Who Knows our futures and the true purpose of material life, He allows us our freewill, to reap and sow from all our acts (be they good or evil) so we may grow, develop, and advance along the spiritual road to reach Him. For God Knows there is an eventual ending to all suffering when we have totally purified ourselves from all materiality and all selfishness, and, we will have gained this by the merit of our own efforts, which makes the fruits of all our labors even greater!

The greatest consolation that knowledge of Spiritism brings is the HOPE we need so we can be strong to support material life because we know with surety that our situations eventually get better through God’s Law of Progress!

How glorious will be the end of all our sufferings… when we reach the stage of the purified souls! Thank you, God!

Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges on December 2003

7 - Spiritists’ Responsibilities in Doing Good

We are all in different relationships throughout our material life (as children, siblings, family relatives, parents, spouses, co-workers, citizens, and even as Spiritists, and mediums) and in these different relationships, we know in our conduct, we should practice love and charity to all. As Spiritists, we know we are supposed to do no wrong, and all the good we are capable of doing. We understand that to do all the good we can do, provides for a higher spiritual maturity. If one professes to be a Spiritist, one must accept this; it is to fully realize that we are to think first of others before ourselves, that one must do good just for goodness sake and not out of self-interest; we are to be self-sacrificing; and, we are to accept without reserve, resentment, or complaint, the fulfillment of the many duties and responsibilities we have to those in our care and who are around us.

In order to do this, and practice this love and charity towards others, it takes a change in how we perceive our own wishes and desires. We must stop thinking that we are the only ones who need to be constantly satisfied or fulfilled or happy. Spiritists know that there is no such thing as true happiness upon the earth. Humans are imperfect beings who will have suffering in their lives, in one form or another, due to their very own numerous imperfections.

But, we can strive for a certain inner spiritual peace. This can be accomplished with strong faith in God regarding His Laws, which allow us to know with surety that nothing happens to us that we do not deserve, AND, if our conduct be correct and true, we can feel the wonderful inner satisfaction, when we are accomplishing in our lives, what we are supposed to be doing!

It feels good inside helping and providing service to others!

We can fill an emotional void (in our search of happiness) by knowing we are advancing in our current life by the accomplishment of our duties. If we receive tokens of gratitude for the good we do others, this can feel great as well. But, we should also feel this even when we do not receive acknowledgement for our good deeds to others. God knows what we have done, and that is the most important thing! Besides, although you may not remember it now, you may owe much to those who have been placed in your care in this life! You will be atoning for past life wrongdoings.

As Spiritists, we know that we have had a myriad of lifetimes and, have been and done many things. This knowledge should allow us to not feel cheated about the life we may wish we could have. The reason our life’s circumstances are the way they are is because of our own actions in past lives. If we want to improve our future lives, we must act appropriately and fulfill our duties and obligations now in this life. As Spiritists, we know this, so we must come to accept it. So, if we become depressed about our troubles, we must try and snap ourselves out of it.

We must pray to our spirit guides and God for spiritual strength to support whatever we are going through, because that is what they are there for. We should not wallow in our miseries as this only makes our situation worse.

Each time we come into the material life, we have agreed to take on certain obligations and duties. We need to evaluate where we have been placed in the current reality of our lives, to see where our position puts us, in order to help those around us and who are in our care. To reject our obligations is to deny what we ourselves have promised to do and to reject God and His Just Laws, which are for our own betterment. If we do not fulfill our duties we will be very disappointed when we return to the spirit world, for we will have to go back into the material world and start all over again, like repeating the same grade again in school.

So what does all this mean, specifically? It means we must without resentment or bitterness, and in as lovingly a way as possible (for we must be at peace within ourselves regarding our obligations)… we must do charity and all the good we can do by: taking responsibility for the raising, nurturing, and care of our children; be loving, respectful, and supportive of our spouses; go to the assistance of relatives if they need us; love, honor and respect our parents, and assist them as they get older; be caring and good co-workers and good citizens to our fellowman, and help all those around us who may need us, as we are able. As Spiritists, we should try and teach others, who may be receptive, in understanding the principles of Spiritism. If we are also mediums, we should be fulfilling our duties in regards to the proper use of this faculty; for mediumship is given to humans by God first for their own moral betterment and, secondly, for the spiritual and moral education of others.

Each of you have now in your hands, by your conduct in this life, the future circumstances you will be born into, in your next life and/or lives. Spiritists cannot claim ignorance of the facts.

May your life be one of advancement! You each can succeed, for you have the knowledge and the means!

Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges

8 - How Can I Strengthen My Belief?

You must open your heart, sincerely and honestly, by starting a conversation through fervent prayer with God and His protector spirits. The fluidic link that this will establish, if you take the effort to do it, will allow the spiritual fluids to penetrate and surround you, this will inspire feelings you will have never felt before. These inspirations will lead you to believe in yourself and in All Powerful God. You will gain a spiritual strength of which you never realized possible!

Talk more consistently to your guardian angel (your protector spirit) and talk to God. Ask for help and this belief you want, because you know it is good and will make you strong. God loves you and waits so patiently for all His children to reach out to Him. You will never be disappointed!

What can you say to Him? Start with…that you love Him for creating you and giving to you all those around you who love you. Thank Him for creating the beauty of Nature and the wondrous Universe. Thank Him for the many blessings you have, for there are always those worse off than you. Ask for the spiritual help you know you need.

A long time ago, Jesus said, “Seek and ye shall find” and this still holds true. You must make the first move. Ask for God’s help in understanding Him and in understanding yourself.

Prayer is the key to strong belief and strong faith. Only you, yourself, can start the process. But, when you do it with firm determination, you will be amazed on how strong you will inwardly feel…. Oh, how powerful and sure you will feel about what is right and wrong to guide your actions. You will be without fear! You will have no doubt that God is with you, and with that inner spiritual power, you can be and do anything if it’s for your own good and the good of others.

May God Bless you all and be strong! You all can do this! We, who are your spirit guides are with you and are waiting. Call on us!

Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges

9 - Joan of Arc, A Superior Spirit

Those who would presume to have very superior spirits communicating at their Spiritist Centers, at their beck and call or, on a very frequent basis, beware! Do not become the dupe of those false spirits who may be intelligent, but are frauds and will try to flatter you with words that seem so full of wisdom, but are truly empty. Superior spirits communicate with mortals rarely, and when they do, it is generally brief and to the point.

There is a spirit, who we believe to be morally superior, who has visited our Center, who identifies herself as Joan of Arc. This spirit has communicated, on and off, at our spirit sessions, throughout the many years.

Could the spirit communication we have been receiving be a proxy spirit (one who is sent in her place)? Yes, maybe. But, maybe not. Very superior spirits have the moral and spiritual elevation to appear at several places at once. Such is their power! Could she be a fraud? Let’s consider her communications. Then, you judge!

When Joan of Arc comes to us, those mediums who can sense her, are immediately overwhelmed with powerful emotion and come to tears. We can feel her spiritual potency!

She generally presents herself to the mediums who see her, standing boldly in full shining body armor, holding firm a standard and flag, flying in the breeze. This banner, she now tells us, is a symbol which represents Spiritism and its advancement on this planet. She states that this is what she fights to reveal to mankind now. She speaks briefly. Her words are always clear, full of pureness, and extremely inspirational.

She tells us to continue our work in the field of Spiritism and for us to carry our "own banners" high and in a manner "sacred and pure." At times, the mediums see that she has enlarged the banner that she holds, wrapping it around all present, in a symbolic gesture of blessing us. All present, feel spiritually fortified and emotionally moved. How wonderful we feel! We believe it is her, or at the very least, a superior spirit sent in her place, for a good and honest purpose.

How magnificent these rare visits by these types of spirits, so full of love and pureness, from Up High! How low we are, morally and spiritually, from their greatness!

Thank you, God Our Supreme Father, for allowing these morally high beings, to come down to their spiritually younger brothers and sisters on this planet, who are still suffering with their human frailties! How much we need their encouragement, to pull us out of the depths of miseries of our own making, in order for us to strive harder to reach morally high, and to know that there exists a better place, one we can aspire to, and one day reach!

Received inspirationally by Yvonne Limoges

The Spiritist Society of Florida

10 - Lula, A Doctor From the Spirit World

My father is going to be 74 years old this month yet, he remembers as a child of about five years old receiving "magnetic passes" by a spirit, who called herself "Lula" coming through a medium at the front table of his Spiritist Center in New York City. All the children were called up front, as everyone would softly proclaim "Lula is here!"

Now "Lula" communicates through that very same child, through the mediumship of my father, the director of his own Spiritist Center. And how wonderful it is when she comes! Everyone who knows her, can tell when she communicates, her manner and speech is so familiar to us, she acts and speaks as if she is a little old lady. She is always so humble and kind; she brings the rest of the mediums at the table to tears, filling them with spiritual joy!

She calls us "her children" and proceeds to tell us how much she loves us. She blesses us all and inspires us greatly with her words brought from up high. She is a morally superior spirit yet, she is so humble and so down to earth.

She tells us of "the plants" she has brought from the spirit world. We watch as the medium’s hands start twisting and squeezing something invisible to non-mediums above the glasses of water she has requested for everyone. She tells us all to drink the water while thinking of God, Our Celestial Father, and of His Goodness and His Greatness.

When it is time, for each person who desires it, they come up to the medium for magnetic passes. The medium sees what she sees; her look is as if it is an x-ray machine, seeing dark spots where there are physical problems and nice pink areas where things are fine. She can zero in on everyone’s particular physical ailment. It never ceases to amaze me how accurate and detailed she is and how surprised the people are, when she tells them what she sees. She then gently provides advice regarding each situation. Many times she has advised those with problems to go to their doctor regarding very specific ailments which were unknown to the person, which are then found by their physicians. How wonderful! The spiritual and material worlds working together for our physical health!

She also provides her special fluids to provide for our spiritual health. We are spiritual beings and the fluidic nature of our spirits pick up negative energies which can make us feel physically ill and/or affect our moods. She disperses these types of energies replacing them with positive spiritual fluids which revitalize and cleanse our spirits and our ambiance. She always seems especially pleased to see the children when they come up to receive their passes.

How beautiful and wonderful that God has permitted this spirit Lula to be able to visit with us at our Center and we always feel so very blessed by her presence. Her words inspire, her passes rejuvenate us, physically and spiritually! May God Bless her!

By Yvonne Limoges

(Written in 2003)

11 - The Creator and Prayer

Have you forgotten that there is a Supreme Intelligence that influences all within this entire Cosmos? Do you think this Great Wisdom does not influence those on your planet? Do you truly believe that the Messengers sent from Up High do not receive orders for the sublime executions of the Omnipotent Will?

You go about your business in life and think you are the sole arbiters of your destiny, solely influenced by the law of cause and effect, but your actions and prayers can also influence your destiny and the Supreme Will can concede to a request that does not break or disrupt the immutable Laws of the Universe.

How prideful mankind is! Prayer is the instrument to your salvation!

In everything you do and in all that you propose, prayer to that Invincible and Almighty Power that exists, can provide you with what you need to sustain yourselves, to succeed in the courses of action if they are for the good of yourselves and others. If you also have the strongest faith in that Power, than even more so will come that unwavering assistance which ever awaits for mankind to raise their eyes to God, instead of looking below for answers to those just as imperfect as yourselves.

Do not distance yourself from the Celestial Father! Prayer is the Religion of your Creator!

There are no human conditions set to it. Prayer is a simple but powerful and sacred communion with God when said with conviction and belief and from the heart that carries no dogma or imperfect man made rules.

The merits of the action of prayer are always rewarded. You may not understand the results (for they may not be answered in the way you wanted) but it is always answered nevertheless, in many ways not yet understood by your imperfect intellect.

So wake up in your material world with a prayer upon your lips and with strong fervor in your heart that if your intentions are for good your requests will be heard but trust the Creator to answer them with the Wisdom of the Ages and Knowing more than you, to do what is in your best interests. May God Bless all of you and pray!

Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges on January 2005

12 - Reincarnation, the Great Equalizer

Oh Humanity, when will you stop judging your fellowman? Why must you look for differences amongst yourselves instead of seeing how much you all have in common? You are all the children of the same Father,the Creator Who Loves and Watches over all of you!

You are all human beings! All of you have the same biological and spiritual heritage and all live on the same planet. What rights one has, should be the rights of all!

Those who would find fault with another no matter what the cause: whether race, religion, ethnic background, wealth or poverty, nationality, sex, or any other differences you may identify, woe unto you! Do not think you will not bring upon yourself, the same animosity and prejudice and wrongful acts you have directed towards your own brothers and sisters! When you warm or do violence towards others, you do it to yourself! Such is the Law of Reincarnation and Cause and Effect.

Reincarnation equalizes all before God’s Eyes! Who may now be a Protestant in this life, in another may be reborn into a Catholic family; a Moslem may be reborn later as a Jew; a man may be reborn as a woman; a person of one nationality may be reborn within his enemy’s nation; and vice versa in all these cases.

You must view everyone solely as a human being, the lowest common denominator amongst you all upon the earth, and look upon each other, as either your brother or your sister.

Spirit message received by Yvonne Limoges

13 - Spiritists, You Have a Treasure in Your Hands, Share It!

Just as has been said by the superior spirits and Kardec, the gift of mediumship is for each medium’s own moral betterment first, and then for helping others. The same applies to the knowledge obtained by the Spiritist Doctrine, for we are responsible for all the good we could have done, but did not do.

The time has come for the knowledge that has been hidden and kept behind closed doors, to see the light of day! Do not become closed societies. Spiritists, you each have a moral duty to help others (your families, friends, acquaintances, etc.) and to share your spiritual knowledge! God and the superior spirits are with you in helping you to spread “The Good News, the Way, and the Word” as in the times of Jesus. Be not like some of the apostles who denied knowing Him and His Teachings!

As the famous Spiritist from Spain, Miguel Vives said, “Spiritists, you have a treasure in your hands!” But, it is a treasure to share with your brothers and sisters on this planet, because that is performing a supreme charity. It is through this very process that eventually the entire planet will change, evolve, and transform into one of regeneration.

This does not mean you bring it up at inappropriate times to make yourself look ridiculous.

There is a time and a place for everything. It is to share with those, using your commonsense, who you believe would be amenable to its teachings. You can test the waters, so to speak, by starting slowly with the basics (belief in a Just and Loving God, belief in a soul, reincarnation, the existence of a spiritual and material world, etc.) Besides, many people have had so-called psychic experiences but are afraid to speak of them. Also, do not allow newcomers to sway you from Spiritism’s proper practice. Explain the rules clearly and firmly. You and your spiritual guides are in control. If one has a fairly thorough knowledge of the Doctrine and is practicing it properly and sincerely, than you are prepared. You cannot wait for perfection from yourselves, for you are all imperfect humans!

Those who you tell about the Doctrine will either accept it (in part or wholly), or not. Some will listen and think about it, and never be convinced. Others will have found the answers to the questions they have been seeking all their life. There will also be those who seek you out.

Either way, when each one of them returns to the spirit world, as we all do, the knowledge that you gave them, this spiritual gift, will ease their transition and better prepare them for life in the spirit world; for the knowledge you gave them will be brought to their attention upon their return. You will have done them the greatest charity by helping them to take the first step in their spiritual transformation; for spiritual knowledge is never forgotten.

Have faith in God, Spiritists, not in imperfect humanity! You are never alone. The good spirits help guide lost souls to your Spiritist Groups. There are no coincidences! Each person who comes will take what they need and what they can spiritually digest, according to their level of comprehension. Some will say they are coming and never show up. Some come and will never return, some will return occasionally, and some will be complete converts. Either way, who are we to judge any of them? Spiritists, your only solemn duty is to practice the Doctrine to the best of your ability and spread the Word as you are able, whatever happens afterwards, is between each individual and God.

Jesus preached to those who would listen and did not worry about what happened to the spiritual seeds He spread. He Knew that was in God Hand’s and in the individual’s freewill to accept or reject His teachings, each according to their understanding. He fulfilled His Sacred Duty and so started change in the world!

Workers of the Last Hour, your time is here! Have you spoken of what you believe to your own individual family? Are you teaching your own children your Spiritist beliefs? Have you spoken of your beliefs to your relatives, best friends, and acquaintances? Believe us when we say that the people who are close to you, are beside you for good reasons. When you have the chance to profess your belief, do you refrain for fear of ridicule? You can help many, so do not lose out on wonderful opportunities.

My children, God is with you, do not doubt it! God wants all His children to have the spiritual knowledge that will answer their questions as to why they suffer and why they have so many sorrows. Those who spread spiritual knowledge with sincerity and pureness of heart, have much spiritual protection, and your efforts will be seconded by spirit guides eager for those in their care to learn from you! They continue teaching what you have started, when the person’s spirit returns to them during sleep.

In ages past, there have been individual prophets to bring the Word of God to His children. Now, with the world at so many levels of spirituality and so diverse, the Creator depends on each of His Spiritual Workers’ help to do this important work. So Spiritists, with your faith ever so strong in God Almighty, do your moral duty, and leave the rest in God’s Very Capable Hands!

Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges

14 - Parents and Their Children

This is a period of transition and the children coming to the planet are undergoing great trials in a society via the media which encourages violence, sexuality, mind altering drugs, and competition and apathy towards others.

Many parents are confused, they do not know what to believe or what to teach their children, so they do nothing. They provide no guidance. They do not know what religion they believe, they are in turmoil.

Educating the children starts at home with the parents and that environment must be one of love. Nurturing the children to love themselves and to love others is learning the universal law of God. It does not matter what religion one is from, or what specific doctrine one believes, but - Love is always the Way.

Talk to your children, learn about your children, teach them to think on their own. But, gentle guidance is necessary so they do not get caught up in the worship of materiality that pervades the planet, especially in the more modern countries. Help them to understand that we are all brothers and sisters on this planet and that we must care about each other. What affects one, affects us all, sooner or later.

Idle time with children can be dangerous and this is where parents can assist in guiding them towards productive and educational activities. Hours killing cartoon aliens or fighting bad guys on videos games teaches them what? Buying material goods which cost exorbitant amounts teaches them what?

Teach them about the love of knowledge and love of themselves, so they can grow spiritually. Teach them to love others, so they can serve their fellowman. The ethics of right or wrong is tested throughout life, are they prepared to make the right decisions which affect their present and future lives?

Teach them that they are never alone as they have their invisible guides to assist them. Teach them that prayer provides real results. Let them pour out their hearts to the heavens for their inspiration. Teach them of God, their Creator, who Knows All and is All Love.

The responsibility is your hands. Ask God for assistance and He will send His ministering angels to uplift your hearts, inspire in you thoughts of compassion and love, and to provide you with the moral courage to fulfill your duties to your children. Do the best you can - that is all He asks!

Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges

15 - True Charity

How easy it is to rationalize why you should not do this or that, when it comes to assisting people who may be in need. How easy it is to be settled in your ways and not let your heart open to more charity because you think you have done enough. How easy it is to be nice to those who are nice back to you, or only to your own family, or those who make you feel good, or to those to whom you can tolerate.

But, true charity involves sacrifice and for those whose hearts are too hardened to see this; they still have lessons to learn in material life.

Doctors don’t go treat those who are well; they treat all those who need help no matter what.

It is the same with true charity. It does not matter the motives, the sentiments, the wrongdoings, or bad behaviors of the person (s) who are the object of that charity. If you can help them, assist them in any way; to not do so because you think you have done enough, is wrong.

We mostly do charity of convenience and that is easy! It is when you go out of your way, when you may feel discomfort, when you think this could really be an inconvenience, but do it anyway because it is the right thing to do, then you have learned the true meaning of charity.

So, help those no matter who or how they are, you have a duty to help those in need. Who are you to question their motives or judge them? Each of us has imperfections and all of us will be in a time of need, on day or another. Will there be someone who will take the time for you when you’re in need?

Open up your hearts! There is no limit to how much charity a person can give and, those who help others receive help themselves from the good spirits who second their actions!

Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges on December 8, 2004

16 - Pain

Everyone on this planet undergoes various forms of pain: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. This is a planet of tests and atonements and pain is a part of this world.

There are those who feel pain for not taking care of their physical bodies and therefore suffer the ravages inflicted on them, and, the many infirmities and disabilities that are due to gross and material appetites of all types.

There are those who feel the excruciating pain of disease, and also the suffering of going through all manner of humiliations, dependence on others, feeling helpless, despondent, and depressed.

There are those who feel the pain of being unloved, unappreciated, and unfulfilled. There are those who feel the pain of being slighted, being ignored, and feel their accomplishments are not recognized.

There are those who suffer abuse, terror, torture, and the like, in all types of situations, sometimes even from those they love. There are those who feel the painful anguish of losing loved ones, especially children or parents…to disability, tragedy, and death. There are those who feel that God has forsaken them and feel a tremendous spiritual pain…an extreme inner void of nothingness.

But all this pain is not punishment inflicted arbitrarily upon you by the Creator; it is the direct consequences of the choices you have made either in this life or in a past one.

This being the case, one must bear this pain with strong faith in God’s Supreme Justice, and with as positive attitude as one can muster, realizing that there are many worse off then you are. Pray fervently to the Creator and your guardian angels (those superior protector spirits) who love you and want you to support and bear successfully the trials, tests, and atonements you selected to undergo in your present lifetime, for there is a just cause for your pain. Remember, a spirit must support pain with uncomplaining courage in order to truly progress.

Instead of looking inward upon the pain in yourself, look outward with love and affection to those who can aid you, to those who may care about your situation and be grateful, read about the martyrs of this world who were without sin but voluntarily suffered pain as examples of moral courage to mankind to help in its progression, and look to those Up High who can send down to you the spiritual fluids which act as a balm to provide a certain serenity for your souls, an inexplicable inner peace, and a strong faith so you can support whatever pain in this lifetime you have inflicted upon yourself.

Only through the crucible of pain can a spirit actually transform itself from the gross material form it now has… into the ethereal, resplendent, and purified soul that is its ultimate goal. This valuable knowledge should give you the hope you need to endure your pain, to rise above it, for meriting this final achievement will make the effort all the more glorious! Be strong, have faith, and may God Bless you all!

Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges

17 - Inequality of Wealth and Resources

The rich oppress the poor, and this is how it always has been. But, more awareness of the injustices of man-against-man will appear. This awareness will provide a movement across the world which will bring a redistribution of the resources of the earth, this will be done with the divine intervention that is necessary. Mankind knows what is right and wrong in this matter and its unified consciousness will force the change in events.

When a multitude is outraged and have feelings of sympathy, they call out to space wherein we hear the spiritual cry. Like attracts like, always. When these good feelings of sympathy call out, those on earth will be invigorated by those in the invisible world, and supreme action will be empowered. This process will be repeated, to the responses of concern, over all the inequities involving people who require the basic essentials to life.

Materiality is like a disease. It is contagious. The importance of wealth and of the acquiring of more and more useless items overwhelms the senses. The sensual feeling of acquiring wealth and material goods intoxicates. It takes a strong and clear mind to see the reality that material “things” mean nothing. The spirit is weakened, not strengthened by this sickness.

The simple life that is not distracted by materiality is the more spiritual and the more valuable for the future of your soul. Buddha, Gandhi, Jesus may be extreme examples to you, but, these souls spent their lives concentrating on the appropriate priorities in their material existence.

You are only on the earth a short time and you do not own anything. You arrive and leave with nothing but your good and bad deeds. Your body will turn to dust and your material possessions left to others who care little for them. The time will arrive one day when it will be an embarrassment to possess so much.

Your people are starving yet there are people who spend millions on jewelry that will sit in a drawer. You pay millions to sports figures who glorify violence, yet your people have no money for medicine. Celebrities exhibit no shame parading before the masses in their expensive attire, while children go without appropriate clothing to protect themselves from the elements. Everyone should be outraged!

The time has come to reassess your values and change this world of yours.

Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges

18 - The Soul and Music

Music is one of the expressions of the soul; it conveys what words cannot. You realize that at times you cannot express certain ideas or feelings due to the imperfection of the human language. That is because there is latent within each soul certain sentiments deeper in meaning than known words can express. Music enables mankind to express… the inexpressible.

When spirits reach a certain level of spiritual and moral advancement, they can express their essence with what would seem as the so-called “music of the celestial spheres”. You cannot begin to imagine the faculties and perceptions that will evolve in mankind. But the germ is there, and this must be expressed; from the drum beats of the savage, to the awe inspiring and wonderful music of your greatest symphonies. What is found on earth is only the tip of the iceberg, barely the tip.

Music is universal and is an emanation from the innermost recesses of the soul, to withhold it is to explode. All mankind will attain the highest expression of this part of their soul, but only through self-amelioration and the will of God.

Spirit Communication received through Yvonne Limoges

(Note: Music also evokes certain emotions in us upon hearing it. We can feel it but it is hard to describe what we are feeling. How little we know of the immense faculties we will acquire through centuries of spiritual and moral evolution! YL)

19 - The Changing World

The world is changing and we are at a turning point in earth’s moral history. Spiritists have the knowledge that those individuals who cannot fit into this world because they are too spiritually backward, will be relegated to another world more in keeping with their inclinations. Their time will come later in another time and place.

The time has been appointed wherein only those at a certain level of moral, intellectual, and spiritual development will be allowed to incarnate upon this earth. The destiny of this planet is at stake and God does not leave its progression solely in the hands of an imperfect humankind, who left to their own devices would end in disaster.

Yes, you have freewill and this allows humans to indulge themselves into all forms of excess and God must allow His more perfected creatures to periodically remind mankind of its destiny. Those whom you may call divine and who have come upon the earth at different times throughout history, are those brothers and sisters who have already achieved a certain amount of higher spirituality.

What you consider chaos is a Plan within plans. The Creator Knows before you know, always, and freewill does not impede His Will. What will be, will be, throughout the universe, and how little man knows of this. The Laws of Creation are beyond humankind’s comprehension, you are but in grade school in comprehension.

There are other worlds where the beings, God’s creatures, have advanced wherein you could not conceive. They pity your childishness and pray for your redemption. They are aware of other so-called civilizations in the far reaches of space. God in His wisdom has left vast space between worlds as protection for those who do not practice the law of love.

Be mindful of your actions, you have now a choice before you. Proceed forward on this world, or be sent from the paradise to-be. Love must be the Way, as all the prophets have forewarned. Love is the key and this sentiment turned into action is what improves the soul.

Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges

20 - The Sorrows of the World

How sad and sorrowful one feels to see hunger and misery and tragedy and violence in the world…how our hearts break to see such anguish!

But for those who believe that all suffering has a just cause, one can find strong faith and firm consolation that every tear shed, every heart broken, every pain and abuse felt, has not been in vain. Remember, a single material life is but a flash in time compared to the existence of the immortal soul! Suffering is a short and temporary situation.

Also, what you call “death” is a release from the captivity and the sufferings of this material world. Upon a soul’s return to the spirit world…the good find rest, care, and love. The repentant find forgiveness and the guilty receive rehabilitation. Those with evil tendencies find isolation until they reach out in desperation for that nourishing light from Up High that will give them the hope that they need, to know that all is not lost, that they can eventually save themselves, and they have not been abandoned forever. Caring and loving souls are there to receive all who return to the spirit world, for all spirits are welcomed to their true home from whence they came and were created!

Know this…a soul spends more time in the spirit world than in the material life (and that is not counting the time when you return briefly during what you call “sleep”).

Earth is a backward planet and it will eventually change into one that has more good on it than evil through the constant exercise of mankind’s freewill towards goodness, charity, and love (and it will have less natural catastrophes as the planet itself evolves); such is the Law of Progress. The morally superior spirits that are assigned to this planet invisibly guide you all, in spite of yourselves, towards spiritual and moral evolution. You are souls, all equal before the Creator, and you all are on this planet to learn, grow, and better yourselves in every way possible and to help those around you as much as you are able.

Nevertheless, progress is slow and that is why one lifetime is not enough for a soul to reach its true potential and that is why you all still suffer…but have faith in the knowledge from the hope that springs eternal due to the universal law providing for successive material existences as Ordained by the Creator. Every soul must merit (although this may mean a soul temporarily feels sorrow and pain through its own freewill and choices) the happiness that it seeks, and it can only be truly found through unconditional love and spiritual pureness.

Spirit Communication received through Yvonne Limoges

21 - Different Types of Spirit Communications

At a spirit session or séance, many spirits communicate, each at their own level of moral, spiritual, and intellectual development. It is important to always remember that at these types of meetings superior spirits are always in charge and oversee what spirits are allowed to communicate and/or come through. Sometimes, they allow spirits to come through as tests and learning experiences for the mediums and/or attendees. Some spirits find it easier to provide communications to a medium that “sees” visions (pictures or scenes which are symbolic) by way of thought projection.

Some spirits who communicate are what may be called familiar spirits such as those who are friends and relatives, from either our current or from past lifetimes. Some spirits who come are our spirit guides with advice for their charges.

Some spirits have no relation with any of those in attendance but who have been brought to communicate for different purposes. Some of these spirits have no other place to go to say what they need to say, which is a type of catharsis for them, letting them vent. Some spirits are brought to communicate to provide moral instruction for those in attendance. Their communications provide messages to the attendees with many lessons and hopefully they are listened to carefully.

Many spirit messages provide clear, specific, and substantial proofs to those in the material world that those who they knew are still “alive” but in another dimension called the spirit world, and that they still love us, and still take an active interest in what is going on in our material lives.

Then there are the spirits who come to give messages to attendees who may have health problems. These spirits through mediums, give “passes” (providing beneficial fluids with special qualities) and provide recommendations for some attendees to go to their doctor. They can also identify spiritual problems and alleviate them as well; for as we go about our daily lives we “pick up” negative fluids from those who may be about us and we may need a spiritual cleansing.

The superior spirits bring some spirits, who communicate for help, to those in the material world. Those in the material world who are trained to provide this function assist and delicately educate those spirits who may not be fully aware of their newly found state (recently “deceased” and being now in the spirit world) and all other spirits who may need different types of assistance.

Those spirits who are very morally superior communicate with humans infrequently but do so to educate, console, and inspire us. They are a wonderful example of what we can one day become!

A spirit session is very informative for those who listen carefully, for it is a window into the next world that one-day awaits all of us!

Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges

22 - Your Infinite Soul!

Your scientists have shown you pictures from their telescopes that give you a very small glimpse into the immensity that is the universe, for it goes on and on… Think of a barrier, and what would be behind it? Such is “Infinity”! Your minds cannot fully comprehend it.

Your soul should be viewed the same… Created and then growing, developing, learning, and passing through various stages…in all aspects of intellectual, spiritual, and moral levels.

Looking only at your present lifetime situation is to mentally block out the infinite lives you will have in your future, and to forget those myriad of ones you have already had in your long, long past.

You have lived more than a thousand, upon thousand of lives, and the one you are in now, is but a blink in the eye of eternity!

Yes, in the present you prepare for your future life and lives, but do not become despondent that this life is so full of sorrow and pain, or you have not fulfilled an intimate ambition, or that your situation is pathetic and sad. You have already been many times rich, poor, tall, short, ugly, beautiful, etc., etc. You have experienced many, many things not currently manifested in your current personality. Only a small portion of who you are is revealed. There is knowledge that has been withheld from you for this material lifetime (so you can grow in other areas) that you will only know about when you return to the spirit world. There you will see yourself for what you truly are. A spirit full of experience and with knowledge of numerous ages past!

So those who believe in the immortality of the soul can mentally put your life’s woes and moral pleasures into perspective. Be tranquil. Be good and learn your lessons well. Use what resources you have in this life to better yourself, and others, in as many ways as possible.

When you know in your heart that your soul lives on into eternity, you can be at ease within this life. You can fully enjoy what blessings and simple joys you may have, and, you can support what trials you yourself have chosen in this present life to learn and progress, because you know they are of such short duration when compared to the spiritual horizon of the infinity before you!

Spirit communication received by Yvonne Limoges on November 30, 2004

23 - The Trials of the Heart Are Hardest To Bear!

The Gospel According to Spiritism, Chapter 14 -“Of all the trials that exist, the hardest to bear are those which affect the heart.”

It seems we ourselves can withstand hunger, thirst, and even physical pain more readily then we can withstand the deep wounds which can be inflicted upon our sensitive hearts from those we love deeply… when we feel helpless in the various situations of material life, such as: being subject to ungrateful children or ungrateful parents; suffering abandonment; loving someone who now says they no longer love you; suffering abuse of any type from relatives and friends; spouses and lovers who have strayed and betrayed those whom they had pledged their sincerest love to; our children (our love of loves) involved with drugs, addiction, or worse, and we have been unable to help them change their self-destructive ways; to see those whom we love suffering with pain and disease of which we cannot alleviate; watching a loved one die slowly, a little each day, with a terminal illness; or, suffering the loss of the presence of a dear loved one who has left this material world before us and we feel we cannot go on in this life without them.

During all of these heartaches it seems we are in such a constant emotional turmoil and under unbearable emotional pain. We may feel anger, sadness, agony, depression, anxiety, and despair. Our stomach feels like it is tied up in knots and we can’t sleep or eat. Our endless tears can’t stop the tremendous hurt we feel inside or the breaking of our hearts.

But, if one truly believes in what Spiritism teaches, we know that the just causes of such suffering serve as either expiation, as reparation, and/or as a mission, and as purification for our souls. We know full well, we ourselves have chosen the trials we would undergo in this particular existence. We accepted this life and the trials and tribulations that came with it! And we are not alone, for all suffer upon this earth!

So many people are curious to know who they were and what they did in their past lives, but if they knew, they would cry out in embarrassment, sorrow, and guilt, for it is the repercussions of those deeds in that dark past which has precipitated most of the pain they are now feeling in the present.

But, what can we do to ease some of the heartache one feels during theses types of trials? How can we tolerate such misery? What can be done to make them easier to endure? How can we face each day with such seemingly overwhelming anguish?

We need to firmly acknowledge to ourselves that what we are going through, and/or what our loved one is going through or just went through, is indeed truly just and that we have actually chosen our particular lot in life, and that it serves a sacred purpose which is for the progress of our soul. We must forgive any wrong done to us. We must be as strong as we can, to do whatever is in our power to help those around us, as best as we can, and if we cannot change them or help them, we must have strong faith and leave them in God’s Most Capable Hands because nothing happens without the Will of the Supreme Creator. We can also sustain ourselves with fervent and sincere prayer to our guardian spirit guides, and the Almighty, for our prayers bring upon us from Above the spiritual fluids that act as a beneficial balm providing a certain inner calmness to our troubled soul and can help sustain us in our time of need and crisis, keeping us from desperation.

You are never alone…there are those in the spirit world, the truest of friends and relatives from past lives, who love you with the truest of fraternal love, who are empathetic to your situations, who cry when you cry, and suffer when you do. Your superior spirit guides feel sympathetic (for they have also suffered in reaching their current level of morality). They provide you with their spiritual fluids to help ease your heartfelt pain and also provide their good inspirations (if you listen closely to your inner voice or intuition). Nevertheless, they know that all your sufferings are of short duration in this one lifetime compared to the vast horizon before you as an eternal soul. They know if you succeed in sustaining yourself during even your darkest hour, so much the better for your spirit, for you will enter the spirit world at the time of your return, much more purified and morally advanced, than when you first entered this earthly plane in this, your latest incarnation.

Since God is All Love and Supremely Just, all spirits are created with equal potential, yet each with their own freewill will take different paths in their spiritual journey, but the Law of Progress provides that all will reach the same goal of total purification, sooner or later, each dependent on their own efforts and merits.

Spirit Communication received by Yvonne Limoges

24 - Physical Addictions and Obsessions

Material life can be enjoyed in many ways but mankind always seems to find the ones that are the most destructive to their mind, body, and soul. Yes, you may enjoy what life in the material world has to offer but not in a way that harms you or others. This is not the proper way to use the physical body lent to you in this existence. The harm inflicted affects your perispirit and your soul and delays its spiritual, moral, and intellectual progression, which is the true purpose of material life. Moderation in all things is the key to living your life on this planet but some things are better not utilized at all.

Illicit drugs of all sorts, abuse of the passions, and gratuitous harm inflicted upon your physical body for perceived pleasure only brings out your animal natures and keeps you from spiritualizing yourself. These actions also attract droves of spirits who revel in encouraging you into further abuse, and eventually, if you continue, towards your own self-destruction, for these spirits can no longer satisfy their wants from the spirit world and use you as their instruments in trying to do so (in reality to no avail). This lack of true fulfillment on their part further pushes them into incessantly prodding those in the material world to obsessively pursue all sorts of vices and passions. Those in the material world become entrapped, not only by the drugs and/or other addictions and passions they feel they need to make themselves happy, but become as puppets under the control of these types of spirits in the spirit world as well.

These harmful so-called pleasures are illusions in the search for true happiness inherent in all spirits, but these kinds of desires become a destructive addiction and obsession that can never truly satisfy your inner souls. One becomes involved in a harmful cycle that can be very, very difficult to break, although your spirit protectors try very hard to help you.

Mankind has freewill and God Helps those who help themselves. Great effort and prayer are needed for those entangled within the webs of these very material and physical addictions that are really deceptions for true fun, enjoyment, and happiness. You must realize that drugs, the abuse of the passions, and gratuitous harm to the physical body causes health problems now, as you grow older, and is like a slow form of suicide. This affects your soul tremendously!

You need to detach yourself from such devastating wants, desires, and behaviors. Find the fun you seek and those momentary joys in life in those things that do not cause you harm or, suffer the terrible consequences. Destructive behaviors affect you in such a way that they keep you from fulfilling your debts, duties, and the missions you had planned to accomplish in the material world. If you do not fulfill them, you will have wasted your material lifetime, and you may return to the spirit world as one of those spirits yourself, who are tortured by their material and physical wants which can never be satisfied!

True happiness can only come through fulfilling ones obligations, performing good deeds, and having a clear conscience that creates an inner spiritual solace, and, in those special times and events that are of rather short duration in a person’s life on your earth, because it is a planet of tests and atonements. When you have raised yourselves enough overall, both spiritually and morally, you will transform this planet into a much better world where your soul will find such happiness inconceivable to you now!

Inspirationally received by Yvonne Limoges

25 - The Spiritual Importance of a Family

The family unit is the most important and primary learning ground for spirits who have incarnated into the material plane of existence from the spirit world. The particular family a spirit is born into, is the ideal place where the spirit (based on their actions or non-actions on ties with others from previous material existences) can expiate and/or make reparation regarding those immediately around them, which provides the spirit the most perfect circumstance for their own personal spiritual growth

Once spirits have reached a certain level of development, prior to incarnating, they know what spirits will become their parents and also their children. There is a perfect reason and cause for everything in the universe, so the placement of specific spirits together in the closest of relationships as in a particular family, also has a just and good cause. If each spirit will take advantage of their unique situation in the family, it can provide them maximum spiritual development and evolution for a particular lifetime.

The parents have the responsibility to love, nurture (in all aspects), and educate all their children (or others who may be in their direct care) to the best of their abilities. The children in their turn, are to learn from them, and to love and respect their parents. Both parties are together to learn valuable life lessons from each other, some of which may be very painful, but the causes are always just because God is All Love.

In the continuation of this process of incarnating spirits in individual families, groups of spirits incarnate as family groups. Each family group constituting an entity unto itself which differs intellectually, socially, spiritually, and morally. All groups of families are at different levels of growth and development in these areas. If a spirit advances more than the group as a whole, it may move into another more advanced group of souls, which will better serve to further its spiritual and moral development.

As we all incarnate into the different groups of individual family units, and into groups of families, we evolve in all areas. It is the exercise of our mutual love for each other individually in a family unit, and then in a whole family group, which will help us to develop, evolve, and expand our love, from these individuals, to finally all of humanity.

Love for single individuals is restrictive and conditional; many times possessive, sensual, and very material, and although a very important first step, it is a very limited love. But, love which has evolved to the point where it truly encompasses all of humanity, is an unlimited unbounded love, without the imperfect human frailties and tendencies of exclusivity or, of self-interest. So, keeping all the above in mind, we must each strive hard to fulfill our duties and responsibilities of love for those within our own family and within our own family groups; helping and loving each other as best we can (although at times we may experience ungratefulness or even hostility), in order to develop and expand our imperfect human love into a more morally pure, spiritually advanced, and infinite love for all of humanity… for we are all brothers and sisters (all spirits) of the same Creator.

Received inspirationally by Yvonne Limoges

26 - Spiritism, an Alternative to Traditional Religions

Spiritism was a word coined by French educator Allan Kardec in the 1850's, as the name of a science and moral philosophy which deals with the description of the interaction of the material world and the spiritual world, and in addition, its moral and philosophical implications. This information was revealed by superior spirits transmitted by way of persons endowed with the faculty of mediumship to the members of Kardec's Society and to others.

The material was catalogued and compiled into several books and published by Allan Kardec. The information contained in these books are from morally and intellectually superior spirits who were permitted by the Creator to provide this information in a more scientific and logical way than done in the past, which before was accomplished by way of allegory or symbolism, because mankind had intellectually and spiritually matured enough to receive them. Also, science also had to advance to a certain level as well. Logic and reason are now the order of the day, not superstition.

As a science, it studies and describes the realities dealing with the mechanics of the interaction of the material and spiritual worlds, and the universal laws involved. It explains the reality of what Life is, because it describes our true natures and the true nature of the universe. It explains the process of life and death.

As a philosophy, it describes the purpose of Life, explains the apparent inequities of life and the cause of human suffering, and it provides for a moral code which explains what proper conduct should be and why.

Its religious aspect supports the fact there exists a Supreme Intelligence, which was the First Cause and Creator, of all things in existence. Also, that the practice of Love, in all its aspects, is the only way to full understanding of the Creator.

The principles of the Spiritist Doctrine have been used by those who have accepted these principles for a period of more than 150 years and they have withstood the test of time, up unto the present. Those who would study these principles should have an open mind, study them, and accept only what your reason finds acceptable. You should reject anything that goes against it. This is all we ask. I believe that Spiritism offers a logical and satisfying answer for the purpose of Life.

Spiritism is especially for those who cannot accept, or fully embrace, some or all, of the basic tenets of Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. Hopefully, you may find more logical and less superstitious answers to the purpose of Life, more support while undergoing suffering, and comfort regarding the knowledge it brings regarding the surety of life after death. Spiritism offers a person more than just "things happen because it is God's Will" and we cannot know what that is… and, it offers an alternative to the only two current choices of the afterlife, heaven or hell, …and that alternative is soul evolution.

Written by Yvonne Limoges

27 - The Crucible of Physical Pain

For those who suffer from physical pain console yourselves for nothing happens without just cause, for the Creator is All Love. But, it is a love that a father has for his children, who teaches us through trial and error and by our own merit. Therefore, we reap what we sow until we have spiritually and morally matured through our own efforts.

Spiritism teaches us that if we suffer, we are either expiating our past life indiscretions, and/or have accepted a test of our faith, and/or have accepted a mission to incite compassion in others while also using it as a means towards the further purification of our souls.

Remember, we are never given a load heavier than what we can handle and so we must gather up all the spiritual strength we can in order to fulfill our duties and obligations in this lifetime without complaint.

We are also never alone in our sufferings for we have our guardian spirit protector who is our truest friend. This spirit sees all our sorrows and tries, if we let them, to raise us above our pain. They try to ease our sufferings (although they usually cannot take them away due to the law of cause and effect) with helpful suggestions that calm our souls and ease our minds in order for us to become more serene, accepting, and resigned to our situation. We also have the spirits of friends and relatives who love and care for us, and those in this world too, who try to help us as best they can.

The Creator Has also given us another tool to assist us in the trials and tribulations of life and that is through – PRAYER. Cry out to God and His Messengers at your most poignant moments of suffering that seem like torture and you will feel, if you merit it, those beneficial spiritual fluids from Up High that will keep you from those feelings of despair and hopelessness!

Be resigned my friends, for one material life is of very short duration, each pain suffered with honest resignation is putting you one step higher on the ladder of your spiritual and moral regeneration and will help transform your soul.

Your physical body upon death converts to ashes but a submissive soul carrying his pain with humility will be released from its captivity transformed into a soul purified, light, and resplendent into the spirit world. So be strong! Your rewards will be great but will only be realized there; for in the afterlife, will you find the gentle care and needed repose you have earned, like a brave soldier after a terrible battle.

Inspirationally received by Yvonne Limoges

[Note: While caring for my husband, who died of cancer in August 2004, I came down with systemic erythematosus lupus that causes extreme joint pain. It is a new chapter of experience in my life. I dedicate this writing to all those who suffer. - Y.L.]

28 - To Our Loved Ones in Spirit

Dear loved ones, you who were family and friends, may I count all of you as family, because we are all God's children and as such we are all related. Writing this message to let you know that you have not been forgotten and never will be.

You that were dear to us, and are not now here, we love you still. Some of us can see you and communicate with you, some others cannot, but, we all care for you. And, knowing that you have not been lost to us makes us feel good. Thanks to Spiritism that comprehensive belief we have, we know of your existence, and that one day we all will be together as before.

What a relief it is to know that you have not been lost to us forever, and that you are near at hand, can see, and hear us. Dear loved ones, do not despair if some of us cannot see you, nor hear you. We know of your existence in the Spirit world. When you come to our sessions you will see that our love and affection is still the same for you.

Thanks to Spiritism, we have sessions, and we communicate with those so called "dead". They may be dead to some, but not to us. They are around us and we know this, and they care for us still. Without our belief, where would we be?

For those of you that are in Spirit, and while here did not learn about our belief, this is what it is and what it stands for.

  1. Life continues after material death
  2. Spirits do not die only your outer covering is lost [the body]
  3. You can see us, but we cannot see you [except mediums]
  4. You see yourself as you were, that's as it should be. [your true-self]

Listen to the counsel given by your guides, they will take you to classes where you will learn about the above in more detail. You will learn the wonders of the Universe and your reason for existing.

You will learn the true purpose of our existing, which is, to progress Spiritually. [this applies to us in the material world also]

Those of you that passed away during sickness, please know that you will be treated with Spiritual medicine, eventually you will not have need of this medicine. Go to the classes with an open mind, and all of this will be explained.

We care for you, we enjoy hearing from you when permission is granted for you to come to our sessions. Our prayers are always with you, God willing you will hear them with calmness and fortitude. So that what you are going through now will pass, and you will be ableto obtain immeasurable Spiritual health.

When we are studying Spiritist books, ask permission to be with us, so that we all can learn together, and you also will learn with us. Isn't it wonderful that this can be done, what other Doctrine can say this ? Only "Spiritism" because there is no other that we know of.

If we cry out and call your name forgive us, we should know better than to get you upset. We should know that this will get you to our side, and it'll not be beneficial for either of us. We will try and face life's tribulations without calling out for you. We know that you love us, and will help us if you can.

May you realize that you are still you, you have not changed one bit, the only change is your change of residence, from the material to the true one the Spiritual world, where you are now and we also will one day.

May God our Father grant you the wisdom to understand what we are saying in this message which; “that we love you and always will”. Do not have apprehension about trying to understand life in the Spirit world, accept it calmly, because you are there now. All of this will be fully explained to you, let yourself be guided and do not have any hesitation about going with those Spiritual guides that are about you. They care for you and have your best interests in mind.

We will continue to have you in our prayers, you that were dear to us, and now are temporarily absent from our sight. But, this condition is only momentary, eventually all of us will join you in the Spirit world, it also is our true home. Come to our sessions with an open mind and you will learn much, then this sense of apprehension that you may have, will slowly leave you. We then can learn much from each other.

Dear Father, bless all of us, on this backward planet called Earth, and in the Spirit world. We are all Your children, may we never forget You, and what You stand for. May we all have a better understanding of what life is all about, together with a satisfactory grasp of the beauty of Spiritism. Because this knowledge will not only help us to lead better lives here, but also help the lives of our loved ones in the Spirit world.

May we all study and start to comprehend the beauty that has been given us, fully appreciating this gift that God has granted us in this present incarnation. This gift of knowledge of what awaits us when one future day we enter the Spiritual world. Thanks to the efforts of Prof. Allan Kardec, who codified this belief, and the many Spirits who contributed to his work. We all are now benefiting from their work.

This moral philosophy and science all combined in one! Oh how wonderful I find it, dear Father, bless me and mine, may I who work in these endeavors take heed of what I'm learning, otherwise, I will then most assuredly will be greatly responsible in Your Eye's!

Bless all of our efforts, and may we grow spiritually always!

Written by Ed Crespo

29 - Mediums and Their Mission!

There exist particular beings who have been endowed with certain faculties that relate more to their physical constitution than their intellectual or moral abilities, who with the assistance of these faculties place themselves in contact with beings in the Spirit world. Who in this way disclose themselves to be related to those on Earth. Showing them that while they have left their earthly life, they are giving them proof of their continued existence in a real and positive way.

These people are called `mediums’, because they serve as intermediaries or better yet as interpreters between spirits and people on earth. They are doing a great service in the world in the moral sense. Because through them we know our past history since they are truly the echo of our past lives. It is in this way that humanity has been slowly progressing and coming out of obscurity. From which it had been wrapped in since the infancy of mankind. It truly is something that is beautiful and exciting because it is in this way that the dilemma of immortality of the soul has been unveiled.

We now know that through practice and study that today we know positively these facts and it’s not because some scholarly person has told us, but because it has been demonstrated by the fact that the spirit is itself is immortal. The use of mediums has given us this proof. Mediums not only serve the purpose of showing us the truth that there truly are Spirits, but also it gives us proof of the existence of the Spiritual world.

Mediums not only serve the purpose of showing us the existence of the Spirit world but also the immortality of our Spirits. Apart from the fact that they show us that we can make contact with our loved ones that have passed on, but also we should consider them as instruments of moral progress for all of us. Due to the fact that we are able to communicate with the Spirit world we also get to know the beautiful doctrines that are destined to inundate the world with knowledge.

Keep in mind that Prof. Allan Kardec would never have been able to show us the truth that exists in the Spirit world without them, which is the immortality of our soul. But it also serves as something more, which is that without them Spirits would have not been able to show that they existed. Which is something that has happened since the beginning of time. How wonderful is their mission! They are the priests of the religion of the future, by means of them we are able to resolve great problems which without them humanity would not have been able to do so.

If all mediums were to understand the nature of their mission they would not fall into the grave errors that many of them do. They would then not fall into ridicule and be the brunt of their enemies that do not want the truth known. Spirits communicate themselves to the mediums according to the sympathy they feel for them. Then as soon as the mediums begin to gain the admiration of those hearing them, some fall into tangles of confusion and error.

Why does this happen? Why is it that we see a medium give a wonderful conference that upon hearing it we are transported into spheres happier than ours, in which we live in due to the backwardness of our planet. Then, occasionally we also see the medium from whose mouth came forth such beauty, saying boring and ridiculous nonsensical things? Why is this?

This happens due to lack of education, charity and humility. We are speaking of being educated in Spiritual subjects, not the material ones. Also vanity and pride are two of the things that can destroy a medium. If a medium does not want to fall into the clutches of imperfect spirits that will drag him into perdition and obsession. They have to educate themselves and attempt to follow the teachings in The Mediums' Book regarding procedure and conduct. Otherwise they will find that they will then open themselves to Spirits that will have over them. Then that type of spirit will make him the toy of his caprices.

This is why mediums should be humble and if their communications are censured by people they should not get upset. Because possibly they may have had a band placed over their eyes and cannot see their errors. Since possibly they be in the clutches of a Spirit that is fascinating them, telling that they are great mediums but in reality they are not.

Instruction, charity and humility, these are three great words, plus together with conducting themselves always above reproach, is the way mediums will attract to themselves superior spirits. And with them will come with much radiance, which will form about them a veritable wall. Which then will make them unapproachable to evil spirits.

Try to always follow and practice the advice of our wise Teacher Jesus if you wish to be a good interpreter of “The Spirit of Truth”! Mediums you are the selected ones and the ones that were chosen to speak the truth. You have been given the opportunity to progress and instead you have chosen to stay in the shadows. Where you shall remain for a long time unless you are able to imitate as much as you can the, Jesus who was sent by God to teach us how to love and to suffer life’s trials. Which then propel us along the path of spiritual truth, which is the only path that will conduct us towards the mansion of the chosen ones !

NOTE: The above article comes to us from a booklet that we received from our Spiritist friends in Spain. It is part of a collection of stories that Miss Amalia Domingo Soler wrote in her Newsletter called The Light of the Future. She authored these articles from the year 1879 till 1899. An ardent follower of Professor Allan Kardec, all of her work followed to the letter his teachings, this booklet is in Spanish. Those of you who aspire to be mediums read the above carefully and do your utmost to follow on its wise advice. Make use of your gift and use it only for good purposes. Never use it for your own glorification or for monetary gain.

Remember that as we are, think and act, that’s the Spirit following that we will attract about us. Always do what is right and proper and you will benefit when you return to the Spirit world. Read and study The Mediums' Book by Kardec and follow its wise advice always !

Translated and edited by Edgar Crespo, The Spiritist Society of Florida

30 - Religious Truth

All major religions contain some spiritual truth. Many of these truths have become distorted or misunderstood by imperfect mankind, and man has at times created and added, his own erroneous ideas and posed them as God’s Universal Laws. The Creator, from time to time and down throughout the ages, has always sent His prophets to bring to the people of the planet true knowledge of His Laws in a manner appropriate to their customs, their times, and in accordance with their moral, spiritual, and intellectual levels. He still does. In these present times, His message is embodied not in one person, but in the myriad voices now being heard all over the earth from the spirit world.

Most of the current major religions have set into stone, so to speak, the basic tenets of their faiths. The ideas and beliefs of these religions were established before the Scientific Age and without, the benefit of scientific methods of evaluation and investigation, and when mankind in his ignorance was guided by false notions and trepidation. Therefore, they have prematurely established mankind’s relationship to their Creator and their understanding of the purpose of life in their doctrines, which is why there are so many errors.

But, we see all major religions value: right conduct, accept the existence of an immortal soul, the existence of a Supreme Creator, belief in some kind of afterlife beyond the material world, and some kind of judgement regarding our behavior. Beyond these basic principles, humanity has added their own particular details depending on their level of understanding of the spiritual truths revealed to them, at that particular time and place in history.

Another concept, the so-called "Golden Rule" of Christianity, can be found in all major religions because it is the cornerstone of the Universal Law of Love. God wanted this most important message to reach all His children.

Nevertheless, the main error of many traditional religions, due to the intellectual and moral limitations of man, is to create man-made concepts which exclude their other brothers and sisters of the planet, in knowing and reaching God, because their sense of justice is too small and morally immature to include all humanity, as compared to the Creator with His Infinite Justice and Mercy. Many peoples cannot comprehend God’s magnanimity on this issue; His unlimited Love and unlimited Compassion. But this is what we would expect, since we are all at different spiritual and moral levels of understanding; not everyone is ready to accept and comprehend the Spiritist Doctrine’s principle of inclusiveness.

Mankind, with its lack of spiritual vision, have restricted God’s Infinite Capacity for Forgiveness and Compassion, by providing for only one material life, in the current Christian, Moslem, and Jewish beliefs. In these faiths, simplistically stated, good people who follow these faiths go to heaven, and bad people, and also with those who don’t profess belief in these particular faiths, go to hell. This concept excludes a huge population of the planet from "salvation" not in keeping with the Supreme Justice of God. But, these religions will eventually understand that their religions’ early concept of "resurrection" essentially represented the idea of reincarnation, and, they will learn that "Judgement Day" occurs continuously and automatically via the law of cause and effect.

Those religions primarily from the East, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. accept the important concepts of reincarnation and the law of karma. But among their followers are many who erroneously believe that release from suffering can only be accomplished solely through meditation, ascetic seclusion and exclusion from earthly duties, or through self torture, in their pursuit of Nirvana.

God’s Laws must be separated from humanity’s prejudices. The tool to accomplish this is use of reason in scientific investigation and research. The laws of the Universe are not supernatural, they are natural; superstition has no place. Man must also learn to reduce his pride which keeps him from accepting spiritual truths when he does find them.

Mankind has reached a certain level of spiritual and moral maturity and he has also advanced in intellectual capacity in using the scientific method, with these together,science will support appropriate religious belief. Then humanity will have reached a milestone in its evolutionary progression wherein, religious faith will be based on reasoned and proven scientific facts, and faith will be stronger for it.

Allan Kardec, through his codification of Spiritism (the science of the laws regarding the interaction between the material and spiritual worlds), has provided a supreme base from which to continue our study of the universal spiritual laws that govern our lives, here and in the spirit world. We have only just begun our work in pursuing understanding of the mysteries of the universe, of God, and the cosmic religion of Universal Truth!

Received inspirationally by Yvonne Limoges

The Spiritist Society of Florida

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